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Forget Your Cardio Workout! At Home Circuit Training Workout

Have you ever wondered why athletes are so lean and strong? It’s because they play and train hard. When you turn your traditional at home bodyweight workouts into high intensity, fat blasting routines, you will no longer need to stick to traditional cardio movements such as running and cycling.

If you want to design a fat loss workout you can do at home, then design circuit training workouts using bodyweight exercises. Circuit training is where you perform two or more exercises back to back with little to no rest in between each exercise.

Some of my favorite bodyweight exercises include hip bridge, jump squat, and frogger. I tend to use more difficult movements in my workouts. I started off with basic pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats. But these movements soon became too easy for me.

The biggest mistake people make is not switching up their exercises. Your workouts need to be more intense and difficult as you get stronger. You will not be able to burn off any fat if your heart rate is not higher than 75% of your maximum. This is because high intensity workouts are better at boosting your metabolic rate than lower intensity workouts.

Your metabolic rate is a measure of how fast your burn calories. Hence, the faster your metabolic rate, the more calories you will burn. The reason why some athletes can eat a lot of junk food and still stay very lean is because they have extremely fast metabolic rates.

But, the most important thing is to make sure your workouts are fun and challenging. The moment you get bored with your workouts, you will hit a plateau in your fat loss. This is because if you’re bored with your workouts, it will be difficult to stick to your program. If you don’t stick to a fitness plan, you’ll never see results.

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