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Big Muscles Can Mean Small Testicles – Hormone Replacement Therapy Does Have Side Effects

We’ve all seen the guys on TV prison shows with their huge muscles, and the body builders and the drug dealers etc. – all men who have done more than just tone up; rather they have gone all out to an extreme level of muscle mass building. Almost certainly they have used steroids to achieve this, which is an illegal drug rarely prescribed by doctors and certainly never prescribed simply to build muscles for the sake of muscles.

However these drugs containing synthetic hormones, steroids or testosterone most likely have unwanted side effects because what happens is that the brain senses the flood of androgens in the system and via the pituitary gland the testicles are told to stop making testosterone. Over a sustained period of time, with the testes no longer producing hormones, they shrink – literally because of lack of use. So it follows that large muscle from synthetic hormone treatments probably has also resulted in small testicles, a condition that can be permanent even when no more drugs are taken. Infertility is also a related side effect.

The alternative to bulking up muscle mass that does not have the unwanted side effects is to boost the body’s own production of testosterone, and this can easily be done with safe, non-toxic diet supplements similar to the multi-vitamins most people already take every day. The rules for taking them are quite simple – mostly that you should have several in your home and rotate using a different one each day. The last thing you want is for your body to build up a resistance to any of the supplements, and cycling them solves that issue.

When you have a normal routine of boosting your testosterone levels you will experience a sudden and sustained ramping up of your energy levels and it is this increase in energy that will burn up all your excess body fat and replace it with more muscle mass. Rather than consuming external and synthetic hormonal drugs which disrupt your body, the best method is to stimulate your body to higher levels of its own natural hormone production.

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