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How To Do Traditional Erection Enhancing And Penis Strengthening Exercises?

When women think of getting intimate when comes to her mind first? Reaching orgasm multiple times and complete satisfaction. How to make a woman completely satisfied on bed? Push them to a limit where they start feeling the heavenly pleasure and do this multiple times. Now comes the million dollar question. How to do it multiple times and to push to limit of heaven? The stronger the penis, the more women loves and the more strokes you give them multiple times, more orgasm they reach.

Thus, it is imperative that for a happy sex life woman desires a strong penis and long erection times. Though said, size doesn’t matter but the longer version of story says women always prefer a man with large penis but along with it the period for which you can sustain erection along with hardness of strokes matter the most. Most of men have average size of penis and moreover they can’t get hold of erection or give hard strokes even till that moment when women reaches orgasm, pushing after that is a distant dream. There is nothing to scribble if you have weak penis and less erection times. There are many erection enhancing and penis strengthening exercises which not only helps in increasing time for which you can get erection but also to make your dream come true to have a large penis, thus enabling you to emerge as a winner in the game of bed always.

There exists many erection enhancing and penis strengthening exercises which help you to maintain a steady erection for longer period of time and you can always give more powerful strokes to your partner, pushing her to heavenly pleasures multiple times. Before you get acknowledged with exercises, let’s learn some basics first. Penis though the softest part of body after erection becomes one of hardest. One wonders how? As their in no bone in the penis it is only the play of muscles, nerves and blood flow which gives penis its rigidity and strength, in other words erection. The muscles you will be building up/toning or strengthening up for longevity in penis erection or for strengthening your penis are IC muscles or pelvic muscles. These muscles are present near around pelvic diaphragm. It is pretty important for you to feel them before you work on them. To feel pelvic muscles, stand is straight position. Now imagine there is a coin between your buttocks and if you don’t press the coin with your buttocks, the coin will fall down. Press your both buttocks hard towards each other. Now imagine a cloth being tied on tip of your penis and you need to move that cloth in the direction of your belly. Try this. After some tries you will feel particular muscles working. These are those pelvic muscles you need to work upon.

Now let’s get to the real part. Before getting started to work on the pelvic muscles to strengthen your penis along with to increase erection, make yourself relax and prepared for the work out. Always do the exercises in slow motion and after the exercises cool off yourself by relaxing. The erection enhancement and penis strengthening exercises are mainly divided into lift and swing. Lifting exercises are concerned with lifting of regions of upper legs where as swinging exercises involve swinging movements of lower body.

The first and most easy exercise for erection enhancing and penis strengthening is known as squatting along with pelvic swing. The main purpose of this exercise is to train the IC muscles/ pelvic muscles and pelvic diaphragm. To start with, stand up straight. Now put your hands on your waists a bend on knees a little bit. Now bend your knees a little more and then press your buttocks to bring pelvis forward and then again relax your buttock muscles and in last, move to original position. Always keep your back straight and do this exercise slowly as it is a requisite to keep slight tension in your legs for majority of times. Repeat this exercise for 5-10 times initially and increasing the duration gradually with passage of time.

Another Erection enhancing and penis strengthening exercise is known as Pelvic Lift. It is an intense exercise and brings intensive movements of IC muscles, pelvic diaphragm and muscles of buttocks. It is performed in laid down position. The starting position for pelvic lift in laid down position in such a way legs are making an angle on floor with feet touching the ground and legs from knee lifted up in the air. The angle must be acute one with the distance between your feet and hips must be equivalent to your hip width. Your hands should also rest on ground. Now press your pelvic muscles as well as buttock muscles. Now try to lift up from ground without breaking contact between ground and feet as well as hands. Now try to lift your buttocks till your stomach and legs come in a straight line increasing the force on pelvic muscle further. Now come to original state. People with back problems should always consult doctor before performing this exercise and never lift your hand feet from ground.

Third exercise for erection enhancing and penis strengthening is Lifting leg while lying down on one side. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen your pelvic muscles and is considered as excellent exercise to achieve the goal. For this exercise, the starting position is laying down on ground on one side putting your head on arm facing ground. Now stretch your lower leg and pull the feet of second leg upwards to the body in v shape (by making an angle). Now bent your leg till you attain an angle of 90 degrees. Also rest your other hand on ground making an angle of 90 degrees between arm and the ground. Thus, you will attain most comfortable position for doing this exercise. Now lift your stretched leg in air without lifting/moving your rest of body or by rendering rest of body unable to move. Increase the tension and then bring back body to previous state but never drop your foot on ground as it will remove all the tension created. You have to be extra precautions while carrying out this exercise as it can lead to spinal problems if done in an inappropriate way.

With the combination of these exercises, you will be able to strengthen your penis and will be hold erection over larger period of time but always keep in mind, it is combination of these exercises which brings the best result and if you do one exercise only, it will not bring expected results. So it is always a better option to do start with one and keep adding on others. You should always perform these exercises slowly as it is the tension created which plays the role and doing it in a fast manner will make tension disappear. Moreover, it causes sprains in ligaments and joints which can further damage them, so better avoid jerks and swings while doing traditional erection enhancing and penis strengthening exercises. Also, always start with one preferably the easier one; master it and then move on to second one.

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The Arm Blaster – How to Use it For Big Biceps Gains

So you want big biceps and you have being using just about every exercise known to man but nothing seems to work. You have even used the king of all bicep exercises-the standing barbell curl and you still don’t have any muscles to show for it

So what is the solution?

Well in this article I will show you how to use the standing bicep curl and add a new twist to it so that it will stimulate all the muscle mass on you need on your arms.

The reason why your biceps don’t respond to conventional training is that you are probably using too much weight and you are probably using too much momentum when performing any exercise. To solve this problem we can use the arm blaster. The arm blaster is a harness that you slide over your neck. It supports your arms so that you cannot cheat when curling the bar. This allows all the stress to go into the bicep muscles which makes it get all the muscle stimulation

Here is how to use it:

The movement you will be using is the standing bicep curl which you may know is the king of all exercises for the simple reason that it activates the maximum amount of muscle mass in the bicep muscles.

Pick a weight that will allow you to perform eight to ten repetitions to positive failure. Now set up the bar with the needed weight. Use a under hand grip and a shoulder width grip. Put your arm blaster on. When you are done grab the barbell and stand with your knees slightly bent and with the barbell hanging on your thighs.

Now with your elbows firmly tucked to your sides, simply curl the weights until they reach shoulder height. Hold the contraction for a count of 3 and then slowly reverse motion. Do 3 sets of this making sure you take each set to positive failure

Do not train your biceps more than twice a week. You must make sure you do not over train the arms with this movement. Thanks to the arm-blaster tool this movement is very intense and you will get more muscle stimulation out of it than by performing endless sets of curls using loose form

This is all there is to build big arms. I recommend you use the arm blaster. You won’t grow bigger bicep muscles faster using any other exercise.

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Tips to Boost Semen Production and Ejaculation Volume!

While there are men who are born with a capability to produce large amounts of semen, most are not as fortunate. So if you think you are alone in the quest of increasing ejaculation and semen volume, you are not. But instead of comparing yourself with others, why not focus on yourself and your partner. After all, the sexual act is between you and your partner. If you want to conceive a baby, only the two of you will be responsible for it. Anyway in the end, improving your sexual performance will surely translate to better confidence as a man too.

Stay Healthy

One of the most important factors that affect semen production is your health. It’s important that you take care of it always. Start by drinking lots of water and other healthy fluids. Since semen is 98% water, being well hydrated is important to increase ejaculation and semen volume. Being dehydrated, on the other hand, would lessen the possibility of better semen production.

To prevent dehydration in your body, you should refrain from drinking coffee and alcohol. In the instances when you drink such beverages, you should drink more water to counter the effects of caffeine and alcohol in your body. Drugs and smoking would also give the same dehydrating effect so they should be avoided.

You should also eat healthy foods. For instance, you should limit eating foods that are high in fat. Instead, your diet should be more of protein rich foods. It should consist more of nuts, whole grains and wheat germ. Zinc is also important for better testosterone production. As a bonus, you can even give your partner some delightful treats. If you regularly eat cranberries, pineapple and papaya, you can even make your semen taste sweet.

You should also give time for exercise. To stay healthy, you should couple proper diet with exercise always. This will make you even more physically fit for better sexual performance.

Know Your Body

Your body could work differently as the next guy. So semen production can peak at different times in a day. If you want to really ejaculate your potential semen production, you would have to observe your body. While many men produce the most semen and ejaculate the strongest early in the morning, you could perform better at other times of the day too.

Ejaculation volume and strength can also be affected by the frequency of your lovemaking. If you want to ejaculate the strongest the next time, you could give some intervals between sexual intercourse. Instead of doing it daily, you could do it less in order to get more volume and strength in your ejaculation. The quantity and quality of your sperms will improve as well. This is very important especially if you are trying to start a family.

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The Very Best Exercises to Increase Penis Size and Last Longer

Penis size really is all about first impressions! It is all a factor of the perception of the women looking on. We all want to appear to look “large”, but how do we really do this?

Some women may say that penis size is not important to them, but guys let’s face it, they are lying! There is a more important factor that I will tell you at the end of the article however! Most men think that a bigger penis is the key to having better sex. They are wrong! The fact is there are more important issues at hand (position choice, endurance, and flexibility to name a few). That is information for another time and place.

This leads us all to the ultimate question in the man’s mind, “how can I make my penis get huge?”

Well I am sure you have seen hundreds of articles and ads claiming that they can make this dream come true for a mere $49.99/mo. Right guys? Pills, creams, and lotions oh my! Maybe you have even seen something about that terrible surgery that increases your penis size, but then you wiener just flops around like a fish because they cut your stabilizing ligament. Ouch! Want to know the only real way to make this happen?

It’s the Big E! The dreaded word…exercise! There are a few very simple exercises that you can start today. I will nearly promise to each and everyone of you…this may not make you porn star big, but they will increase size! The best part is they can be done in your own home, and they are very effective.

One of the top exercises and one of my “old” favorites is one called:

1. Clamping.

Simply put this involves putting a penis ring at the base of the shaft. By keeping the penis engorged with blood over a period of time, it actually makes your spongy penis tissue able to hold more blood, and of course the result of which is a thicker and more erect penis. Pretty easy right? Only knock here is that you need buy the proper “workout gear”, and it kind of looks weird to a first time sexual partner.

So the next in a long list of exercises is and another “old” standby:

2. Jelqing.

This is really something. Many say that the “largest” cultures do this to their boys from a young age on, and that they are known to reach lengths of up to 18 inches. That is impressive, but I am guessing none of you are under 5 years of age! So can we still get results? Absolutely!

Kind of works like this…you work with a semi erect penis and use a lubricant. You put your hand in an “ok” position, and then starting at the base of the penis you grip firmly. You then pull that hand towards the head of the penis. As that happens you take an “ok” in the other hand and essentially “clamp” the base of your penis with the other hand, this effectively keeps the blood in and engorges the shaft of the penis. You then follow with the other hand and so on and so forth. This could really be called…

Milking the penis. But hey, what do I know?!

The knock here is it takes time and must be done on a consistent basis to work!

The next and last exercise for this article (prob. the best and newest):

3. Kegels.

This may not be the one you choose, but it should be! These exercises are very popular right now and they have a dual function. Increased size and also increased stamina…you know what they have a tri function as they can also help those with erectile dysfuntion! It is the tri-fecta of sexual prowless!

These more of less consist of working the muscles of the pelvic floor. Think of the muscles it takes to stop your stream of urine. Now there are many ways to exercise these muscles. We can go over actually rep counts and exercises next time. To start just squeeze the muscles it would take to control the flow of urine 10 times straight in a quick fashion.

As I stated earlier these can also help stop premature ejaculation, lengthen the time of sex, and give you a stronger erection.

Really when it comes to getting a larger penis, think long term. Nothing good comes quickly. And now back to the beginning of the article. The most important factor for getting a women to climax is stamina! Most men average 2-3 minutes to get to climax, but women on average 7-9 minutes. That is bad, right?

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Penile Rash Treatment – Quick Tips for Curing Penis Rash

A penis rash can appear as a reddened area of the skin or as small, red bumps that may be accompanied by inflammation, itching and soreness. In some instances, the bumps may rupture, or they may be covered by a scab-like crust. Men who are affected by a penis rash should be aware of the potential causes and risk factors. In addition, a penile rash treatment containing penis-specific vitamins and minerals may help clear up minor skin rashes and prevent further outbreaks.

Common Causes of Penis Rash

Contact dermatitis – The penis skin may react to the chemicals in certain plants, as well as detergents and cleansers, resulting in an itchy, reddened rash on any part of the penis or scrotum. The itching may be mild to severe. However, scratching at the affected area should be avoided, as this can tear the skin and prolong the healing process. Vitamins and minerals that support healing and contain skin-rejuvenating properties are often all that is needed to help clear up this type of rash.

• Allergies and skin sensitivities – Many men have skin allergies or sensitivities that may cause a rash, swelling, soreness and itching of the penile skin. The latex used to make most condoms is a frequent cause of allergic reactions. Spermicides, lubricants and even the bodily fluids of sexual partners may also cause an allergic response in some men. Avoiding these substances is necessary to prevent skin reactions that cause rash and itching. When a rash does occur, healing nutrients such as vitamins A and D can help to clear the problem quickly, while moisturizing agents such as shea butter and vitamin E can soothe the discomfort caused by an allergic reaction.

• Infections – Bacterial and fungal infections of the penis are common, as the warm, moist environment of the genital area allows these microbes to thrive. Natural anti-bacterials such as vitamin A can help to eliminate harmful bacteria, while vitamins D and B5 are indicated for healing minor skin irritation. In addition, keeping the penile skin clean and moisturizing frequently can prevent tiny cracks and fissures from developing on the skin’s surface and allowing harmful environmental agents to penetrate the outer dermal layer.

• Hot weather – Most men are familiar with heat rash, which occurs as a result of sweating and chafing in the area of the penis. While heat rash generally clears up on its own, maintaining healthy skin through nutrient support and proper hydration can promote more rapid healing. In addition, moisturizing treatments such as shea butter and vitamin E can calm itchy, irritated skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth.

• Acne, eczema and psoriasis – Like the rest of the body, the penis can be affected by these common skin issues. Dermatologists often use preparations containing vitamin A, or retinol, to clear up blemishes, soothe irritated skin, and reduce the appearance of redness and peeling.

Tips for clearing up a penile rash

The following tips can help to clear up an unpleasant penis rash and minimize the risk of developing irritated, inflamed penile skin:

1. Wash the area regularly – at least once a day is best – using an all-natural cleanser or soap product.

2. Dry the penis skin and surrounding area thoroughly before putting on clothing.

3. Wear non-restrictive clothing that allows the skin to “breathe.”

4. For men with latex sensitivities, non-latex condoms should be used for protection during sex.

5. Treat the penis skin daily with a penis health cream that contains natural ingredients that are indicated for maintaining healthy penis skin.

Effective penile rash treatment for all skin types

Vitamins such as A, B5, C, and D, as well as certain amino acids and natural moisturizers, are indicated for improving the tone and texture of the skin, reducing the risk of minor skin issues, and boosting the body’s immune response, resulting in more rapid healing.

A specially created penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing these essential nutrients may help to soothe irritation and itching, reduce the risk of developing uncomfortable skin conditions, and restore the penis skin to its normal, healthy condition.

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Jock Itch or Herpes? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

A persistent groin itch is enough to make a sane man crazy, as part of the brain is always resisting the urge to scratch. Men with itchy, sore genitals might also be frightened of the cause of the itch, worried that the symptoms they’re experiencing might be due to something chronic, like herpes. While herpes is common, some cases of crotch itching are caused by more benign conditions, including jock itch. This article will outline the difference between herpes and jock itch and provide some penis health care tips that could help keep both conditions from causing aggravation.

Jock Itch: Causes and Symptoms

A tiny fungal spore, tinea cruris, is responsible for jock itch. Most fungus cells thrive in moist, damp conditions where light is sparse. Men who work out or otherwise engage in hot, steamy sports while wearing tight pieces of clothing create the perfect environment for this fungal infection. Symptoms can vary a bit from man to man, but most people with the infection report intense itching and pain centering on the inner thighs, buttocks or the groin.

Herpes: Causes and Symptoms

Herpes is considered a sexually transmitted disease, because contact with infected skin is necessary for the condition to take hold. Herpes can cause flu-like symptoms, including a fever and swollen lymph nodes. Those symptoms tend to appear in the days and weeks following infection, and they’re followed by an outbreak of wet-looking, incredibly itchy sores. The spots tend to stay in place for about 2 weeks, and they resolve on their own in time. An outbreak might recur at a later date, however, causing the same types of sores to reappear.

Key Differences

Jock itch can spread to the penis, but that’s not common. Instead, this rash tends to focus on the legs and the dark crevices of the body. Herpes, on the other hand, can infect the penis itself, and sores on the head of the penis are quite common. The itching symptoms caused by the two conditions can be quite similar, but the areas in which the itching takes place tend to be quite different.

The appearance of the two conditions is also strikingly different. Where jock itch tends to look a lot like a red rash, with a few tiny blisters on the edge, herpes infections look like heat blisters that are filled with fluid. When these blisters pop, they form painful, crusty sores. Jock itch doesn’t behave in this way.

Getting Better

Rashes and sores of any kind should be brought to the attention of a doctor. Medical professionals can use laboratory tests to determine exactly what is causing the itch, and they can prescribe appropriate treatments to keep that problem from spreading. Any man with an itch should put a call to the doctor at the top of his to-do list. With proper diagnosis, these self-care tips can help to speed healing.

Herpes is considered a chronic condition, because there are no specific medications that can completely eradicate the disease from a person’s body. Drugs can keep new outbreaks from taking place, but people who have herpes will need to take extra care to ensure that they don’t infect other people in the future. For men, this means using medications regularly, avoiding sex during breakouts and always wearing a condom. Applying a penis health crème can also help the skin to stay resilient and strong between outbreaks.

Jock itch, on the other hand, is far from hearty, and a few doses of antifungal cream can make the symptoms go away. By staying clean, men can ensure that the condition doesn’t come back. Quick showers after sweaty workouts can wash spores away, and following up that cleaning with a penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help the skin to stay soft and strong, which might provide a less hospitable environment for future infectious spores.

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3 Tips to Get a Bigger Penis and Harder Erections

Do you want to get a bigger penis and harder erections?

Penis enlargement is not a myth. There are some highly effective and all natural ways of making your penis big.

3 Tips to Get a Bigger Penis and Harder Erections

1. Shave Your Pubic Hair

Believe it or not, shaving your pubic hair can make your penis appear bigger and by an whole inch. This is because pubic hair tend to cover quite a bit of your penis.

Not only this, you will also love love cleaner, smoother look. And believe me, there is nothing gay about shaving your pubic hair. In fact, it has become an essential part of male grooming these days.

2. Practice Jelqs

These exercises are one of the most effective techniques to ensure natural penile growth. Such exercises help expand the erectile tissue so that it can hold more blood resulting in longer and thicker erections. Besides this, such exercises are also backed with clinical evidence to suggest their efficacy in terms of real and permanent penis enlargement.

A good exercise program provides detailed description on how to perform Jelqs with the help of video and photo illustrations.

3. Use a Penis Patch

Though natural pills are quite effective, patches are a growing trend. They are easy to use and turn out to be more effective as compared to pills.

Penis patches are made with some of the finest herbs to boost sexual potency in men. A patch delivers the ingredients directly into the bloodstream through skin pores and not only boosts blood flow to the penis but also enhances nitric oxide production and testosterone levels in your body. This ensures stronger and longer lasting erections.

Top notch penis patches are made with herbal ingredients like pomegranate 70% ellagen, horny goat weed, tongat ali and gaurana.

One of the best advantages of using a patch is that it is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is stick a patch to your skin. Not only this, a good quality penis patch can last up to 3 days.

Not only this, some of such patches come with free access to a high quality penis exercise program so that you can perform Jelqs in the most proper manner and add inches to your penis naturally.

Combining a patch with penis exercises ensures faster penis growth, better sexual stamina and harder and stiffer erections.

So, If You Want to Get a Bigger Penis, Check out the Best Penis Patch System Ever!

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Cannonball Delts

Shoulder day is one of my favorite days to workout and I take shoulder training very seriously. If you want an impressive physique you can train chest, arms and back all you want but it is your shoulders that will tie everything together. What other muscle will make you look as good from any direction – side deltoids will give you width, front deltoids tie in with your chest and rear deltoids tie in with your back giving you thickness and width on your frame.

First thing you want to do is properly warm-up and doing that I like to grab a small weight plate like a 10lb and I warm up my rotator cuffs – by extending your elbow out to the side parallel I hold the plate and just move my forearm straight out in front of me for a light 10 reps for 2 sets each arm – then I hold the 10lb plate and keep my elbow right into the side of my body and just move my forearm from right to left back and forth for 10 reps two sets each side.

After a good warm-up I start with the mass builder exercise the shoulder press. I do one of two different presses – the first would be a front press on the smith machine seated. I start with one 45lb plate on each side and go from my chin to full extension for 12 repetitions. Then the second set I add another 45lb plate to each side for a set of 10 reps, 3rd set I add 25lb plate to each side for 10 reps and the last set I do 3 plates each side and complete 8 reps.

Every other workout I mix up the press with seated dumbbell presses. I start my first set with 80lb dumbbells for 12 reps. The second set I go to 90lb dumbbells for 10 reps, the 3rd set I do 95lb dumbbells for 10 reps and the 4th set I do 100lb dumbbells for 8 reps.

Presses are great and they hit the shoulders completely and are the mass builder but they don’t really pump me up and make me really feel jacked in the gym – it takes the lateral raises to get the blood flowing.

Next exercise is front raises and I have 2 ways of doing this exercise too and I’ll start with the first and that would be dumbbell front raises – I like to start with holding 25lb dumbbells and doing both arms raised from my side of my body and directly out in front of me for 12 slow reps. Second set I grab the 30lb dumbbells and do another 12 slow reps, third set I go up to the 40lb dumbbells and do them one at a time 12 reps with each arm alternating each arm. Last set is 45lb dumbbells one at a time each arm burning it out with another 12 reps. It is very important not to sway your body or get momentum rocking the weights make sure you slow down and let the muscle work so I like to do these seated. .

I also like to do front raises with a small barbell with the same weights and repetitions except when I do this I stand with my back to a wall for support. Again, no momentum or swaying – let the muscle do the work.

Are you ready to look big then you have to hit the side lateral raises. Side laterals can be preformed with either dumbbells or a low cable you can do two arms raised out lateral from the sides of your body from a standing position and I prefer to do this exercise one arm at a time. The majority of the time I use the low cable and I stand with tension from the weight stack at the lower start position with 30lbs on the stack and I raise my arm directly out to my side and back down with the cable very close to the front of my body and my arm stops at the front of my thigh and back up with continuous tension on the pulley. Alternating arms I perform 4 sets 30lbs for 12 reps, 40lbs for 12 reps, 50lbs for 10 reps, and 60lbs for 8 reps.

Bangin’ shoulders take rear delts and I stand inside the cable crossover machine and with each hand holding the bottom pulley handle (right hand holding left pulley handle and left hand holding right pulley handle) I bend over with bent knees and look straight ahead with any luck into a mirror to watch my form. You raise each arm straight out to the side of your body while leaning forward to do this which is called Rear Delt Cable Crossovers. This has to be a slowly performed exercise with no body momentum with a very slight bend at the elbow go out to the side of your body with each pulley handle squeezing your rear delts a the top of the movement keep never-ending tension on the muscle. Do 3 sets of 12 reps and I use 30lbs each arm first set, 40lbs second set, 45lbs third set.

Last exercise of the workout and my shoulders are boomin’ I like to do upright rows. On my upright rows I prefer to use a barbell and a close grip. The grip I use is measured by sticking out my thumbs and touching them together so it is about 6 inches each grip on the barbell. Standing up I have two 25lb plates on the 45lb barbell and I have the barbell in front of my body below my waist and I lift the bar up the front of my body extending my elbows out to the side bringing the barbell up close to my chin for the first set of 12 reps. Second set I add a 10lbs each side for 10 reps and the last set is 45lbs each side for 8-10 reps.


Shoulder Press – 4 sets – reps 12, 10, 10, 8

Front Raises – 4 sets – reps 12, 12, 12, 12

Lateral Raises – 4 sets – reps 12, 12, 10, 8

Rear Delt Cable Crossovers 3 sets – reps 12, 12, 12

Up Right Rows 3 sets – reps 12, 10, 8

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How to Get Rock Hard Erections Naturally Without Drugs

Do you suffer with ED or erectile dysfunction?

If so, you are alone. It’s a highly common sexual problem among men. As a matter of fact, millions of men suffer with ED and what is worse is that they do not accept that they have a problem. Living in denial does not help but aggravates the issue. Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that requires treatment. However, it is completely curable unless and until there is some kind of a permanent damage to the erectile tissue.

Listed below are some of the best ways to help you get a rock solid erections, naturally and safely:

1. Begin with Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate is one fruit that can do wonders for your libido and erections. It helps boost blood flow to the penis. More important, it helps your body release more nitric oxide, which plays a crucial role in increasing blood flow to the penis. A lot of men suffer with ED since nitric oxide secretion declines with age.

So, try to have a glass of pomegranate juice every morning and within a few days, you should be able to notice the difference in your erection hardness.

2. Have Some Nuts

Nuts are a great source of essential fat like Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for boosting the male sex hormone testosterone. Apart from this, such fats also ensure better lubrication in your arteries resulting in improved blood flow. By enhancing both testosterone and blood circulation, nuts can help you get harder erections. Try to have a moderate serving of nuts with your breakfast every morning.

However, avoid overindulgence since it can prove counter-productive.

3. Try Tribulus Terrestris

One of the best herbs for curing sexual problems in men is Tribulus Terrestris. It has been used in Chinese and Indian medicine to treat both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for many years now. Tribulus is an excellent testosterone booster that can help erection rigidity.

4. Begin Strength Training

Though all kind of exercise is good for enhancing blood flow in your body, strength training helps boost testosterone too. This gives you an upper edge and also explains why bodybuilders are less prone to sexual dysfunction as compared to men who do not pump iron. Ideally, you should workout for 30-45 minutes for at least 4-5 days a week.

Including leg exercises in your workout is extremely important since they are far more effective in enhancing testosterone as compared to other exercises. Squats and lunges should for a part of your workout. Other exercises that are also great for enhancing testosterone include chest press, pull ups, chin ups, deadlifts etc.

5. Try Yoga

Yoga is simply great for improving your erection hardness. This is for a couple of reasons. First of all, it helps reduce stress, which happens to be one of the underlying causes of ED in a majority of cases. A lot of young guys suffer ED because of performance anxiety. Yoga can help you get over all such anxiety and make you perform better in bed.

Not just this, it can also help you control your breathing more effectively, which can help in improving your ejaculatory control.

6. Try Natural Male Enhancement Pills

Moreover, you can also try natural male enhancement pills. Such pills are a far better alternative to prescription drugs that can have a lot of nasty side effects ranging from severe headaches to nausea to something as severe as a heart stroke.

Natural pills are a perfect blend of herbs like Tribulus Terrestris, Tongat Ali, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed etc, Top quality pills also contain pomegranate ellagic acid or Bioperine to ensure faster and better results.

Such pills can help you get rock hard erections, enhance libido, boost semen production and also improve your ejaculatory control.

So, if you want to get instant and rock solid erections, check out the Best Penis Pills that have helped thousands of men over the past decade.

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Why Lean Muscle Is Better Than Bulky Muscle

If you search around the internet and read through lots of fitness magazines, you will find out that the male fitness industry is full of all kinds of personalities who believe in different things, for example for some an aesthetic physique may be a Frank Zane or Surge Nubret type physique which is more of a classic overly muscular bodybuilder type physique whereas others favour the fitness model type of physique like Greg Plitt or David Kimmerle. Everyone has their own take on what is aesthetic and we all work out towards our own personal goals. Now I will tell you which kind of physique is more favourable in terms of real world situations.

Think about the fitness magazines and body-building magazines, magazines with huge monstrous guys are generally not for your average Joes and that look is not something most people would work towards looking like. The magazines with the big guys are for body-building fans and people obsessed with gaining size. The fitness magazines and men’s magazines on the other hand have images of smaller sized men with acquirable physiques, they are in better shape than the average man but they are still considered normal sized and athletically built. You would never see those huge monstrosities you find in some body-building magazines in men’s magazines like men’s health, mainly because it is not how most people would want to look.

So now that I have given you a picture of what kind of physiques appear in which type of magazines I will give you some reasons why having lean muscle is better than being bulky.

The first thing is that getting the lean physique can be done naturally, using supplements to aid you is a personal choice and they are legal, whereas getting to an unnatural size like those Olympia guys is not a healthy thing to do, you put a lot of stain on your body and that level of body-building is filled with use of steroids which are illegal and have very bad side effects.

The second thing is that being lean is about having functional muscle that makes you more athletic, just look at sprinters they have lean muscle that allows them to run faster and be more powerful, and having functional muscle is what most people want. Being bulky on the other hands makes you and ogre, you can hardly move and you sure as hell can’t be fast with an unnatural amount of muscle putting stress on your skeletal structure. Most of that muscle mass is for show.

Another thing is that you can dress in trendy clothes and they will suit you if you are a lean guy but if you are abnormally large you will struggle to find clothes that look good and fit right, instead you will always be wearing baggy pants and shorts because your legs are too thick.

You will not look good at the beach topless if you are bulky, you have worked out so much that you have passed the beach body ideal which is a fitness model, lean muscle type physique.

And finally people of the opposite sex are more attracted to lean muscular guys with fitness model and Hollywood type physique’s, being too big will most likely decrease the number of women who find you or your physique attractive if you care about that sort of thing.

I have given you some reasons why I feel the lean muscular holly wood look is the look to go for if you care about functionality and general appearance. I know there are others who disagree but all that I mentioned above is what most people think as well.

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