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Exercise on the Run: 5 Tips for Finding Energy and Fitness in No Time!

Exercise time can be tough to come by. With your hectic daily routine – getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, a busy day at work, coming home and fixing dinner, cleaning up the house and getting everyone, including yourself, to sleep – exercise is usually the last thing on your mind!

But exercise is the one thing that energizes and enables you to handle such a busy lifestyle. Indeed, when you exercise regularly you reduce your stress, sleep better, feel better and boost your self-confidence.

Exercise on the Run – and I Don’t Mean Running!

There are many exercises you can do anywhere, at any time. All you need are a couple of makeshift weights you can find around the house and the physical weight of your body. And it’s vital that you remember to warm-up and cool-down. This is important to prevent injury and is easy to accomplish no matter where you are. A bit of walking works very well for both of these purposes.

So here are 5 simple exercises you can do anywhere:

Tricep Dips.

Sit on the edge of a chair or bench with your hands next to your thighs. Lift your body out just in front of the chair, with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Lower yourself down so your elbows bend no more than 90 degrees and push yourself back up. Avoid this exercise if you have wrist or shoulder problems.


Don’t be afraid of these! The key is to modify your routine so it works for you. Everyone knows the standard push-up position but to change it up a bit try starting with your knees rather than your toes on the floor. And how about some half push-ups – either going only half way down and then back up, or starting from the floor and only pushing up half way and then going back down?


Crunches are great for your abs if you do them correctly. Done incorrectly, they can put undue stress on your neck and back. The biggest risk is if you jerk your neck to give you the force to crunch. While doing crunches, keep your hands behind your head and your elbows back while using your stomach muscles to lift your head and chin towards the ceiling.

Once you’ve mastered this technique, try lifting your legs off the ground or assuming a bicycle position with one leg bent and the other straight off of the ground.


Body weight squats are a great exercise you can do anywhere. Start off your squat workouts by lowering yourself only a foot or so. Then work up to deeper squats as your muscles become accustomed to the exercise. If you’re feeling a bit advanced and in need of a more intense workout, grab two 2-liter bottles filled with sand and try performing squats while holding one in each hand.

Calf Raises.

Calf raises can be done wherever there is a raised surface, such as a stairway. If you need balance, hold onto the railing. Facing the stairs, stand with only your toes on the stair and your feet extending out past it. Standing straight up, lower your body down below the level of the stair and then back up onto your toes. Even though it seems as if this is an ankle exercise, it also works out your calf muscles.

Adapt these exercises to your own strength and stamina levels and build slowly for the best results. Soreness is a good thing, but pain means you need to stop. Try these exercises out today and feel the healthy difference of fitness on the run.

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10 Advisory Tips To Gain Solid Muscle Mass

1. Take more proteins:

Most bodybuilding experts recommend taking a minimum amount of 2 gram (0.06 oz) protein on 1 kilo (2, 2 pounds) of your body weight. To make body grow faster its better to use 3 to 4 gram for each kilo of your body. Increased protein intake will strengthen protein synthesis and will protect muscle lysis. The final result will be anabolic reaction (qualitative muscle mass gain) instead of catabolic (muscle mass reduce)

Food: lean meat, boiled chicken chest, egg’s proteins, lean curd or curd cheese. Also drink lots of protein having cocktails.

2. Increase carbohydrate intake:

Taking 6 gram of carbohydrate for each kilo of your body you will supply enough amounts of calories which is energy. That’s how you will avoid proteins being scattered for energy use and instead that you’ll be sure that all carbohydrates will be used for muscles recovery and mass grow.

Food: pasta, rice, buckwheat, cornflakes, oat flakes. Also drink full of carbohydrates having cocktails.

3. Take necessary fats:

Not every kinds of fat are the same. Omega-3 fat acids could be found in salmon. It will improve glycogen formation and improves protein synthesis. Eat salmon three times a week or take 5-7 gr. of fish oil daily.

Eat more nuts. Nut fats are good fats. This way you will provide your body with essential fats and higher volume of calories which are needed for body grow.

4. Make longer breaks between series:

Break between series helps muscles to recover. You’ll be able to train with heavier weights if take longer brakes between series. It’s simple: heavier weights (plus good technique) = more muscle weight. It is recommended to rest no less than two minutes but no more than three minutes within series

5. Eat six times a day:

Such frequent eating might be troubled but eating only four times a day helps only genetically awarded monsters. Plan your meal each 2-3 hours. Such eating type will help to absorbed food better and gain weight faster.

Eat qualitative food 3-5 times a day (boiled chicken chest, egg’s proteins, pasta, rice, buckwheat, cornflakes, oat flakes). In between, use compounds which are high in proteins and carbohydrates. Accordingly those 6 meals per day could be formed. If eating 4 times than 2 cocktails needed, if 5 times than 1 cocktail.

6. Do not ignore sugar:

Quick assimilated carbohydrates, such as sugar, can be very beneficial. Take simply absorbed carbohydrates immediately after exercising to avoid cortisol production (muscle destruction hormone) and increase insulin production. Take 80-130 gr. of carbohydrates immediately after training. At least half of them should be quick assimilated carbohydrates.

7. Increase anabolic body reactions:

Every human body secrets anabolic hormones ( growth men hormone – testosterone) In order to secret these hormones more drink natural hormone secretion stimulating drinks.

8. Try few repeats and heavy weights combination:

Basic exercises (squats, barbell push from chest while lying, dead lifts) try to do little repeats (2-4) with maximum weight. These hard complex exercises are essential for maximum muscle growth.

9. Drink insulin emission stimulating drinks:

400 mg of alpha lipoic acids will improve carbohydrate access to muscles even without insulin emission, 200 mcg of chrome will increase muscle sensitivity for insulin and 6 grams of BCAA will improve insulin emission. This cocktail can be used with simple absorbed carbohydrates (read 6th point)

10. Limit training time:

Volume of exercising could be characterized as number of series which is done for one separate muscle. When doing a lot of series for the same muscle you are stimulating catabolic (muscle destructing) hormone emission what is negatively influential for muscle recovery and growth. Ideal volume of exercising for muscle growth is 6-8 repeats which are dueled from two exercises for little muscle groups and 10-12 repeats compounded from three exercises for big muscle groups.

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A Mr Universe Workout

Here is a workout from 1959 Mr. Universe champion, Bruce Randall.

Randall liked to work mostly upper body with squats or deadlift being his only lower body exercise. He would change his routines frequently and went through different stages as a powerlifter, Olympic lifter and bodybuilder.

As a matter of fact, Randall went from 415 pounds (as a powerlifter and Olympic lifter) all the way down to 223 pounds as a bodybuilder!

Bruce finished second in the 1958 Mr. Universe and was bound and determined to come back stronger the next year. Of course he did and the rest is history.

Some of Randall’s best lifts were 770 pounds in the deadlift, 680 in the squat, 375 in the overhead press and 482 in the bench press.

Below is a typical workout that Randall followed on his way to the 1959 Mr. Universe crown.

Mr. Universe Workout

Overhead Press 3 x 4-6

Bench Press 3 x 4-6

Incline Bench Press 3 x 4-6

Curls 3 x 4-6

Chins 3 x 4-6

Leg Raises 1 x 20-50

Squats or Deadlifts 3 x 6-8

Notes: Randall trained 3-4 days per week and would alternate squats and deadlifts. He eat three meals a day with one or two homemade protein drinks. As always, train hard and with maximum effort. If 3-4 days is too much, lower it to 2 days. Train hard and heavy.

Understand that to be successful in any weight training program – hard work is a must! Half-hearted effort does nothing for you. If you’re new to weight training or grossly out of shape, consult a physician first. End of disclaimer.

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5 Valuable Tips About How To Build More Muscle

How do you build more muscle? The best time to build more muscles is actually during winter. As the winter season approaches, you can shift your muscle building regime. If you have been focusing on fat loss, it’s time to move on to muscle building. You’ll be wearing layers of clothing during winter, anyway, so there is no need to concern yourself about how you look in a shirt or a bikini. If you have a smaller physique, the winter time apparel can cover you up. How will your muscle building program work?

Give yourself 4 to 6 months to build quality mass of muscles and add 2 to 3 months more to lose the fat that you’ve gained along the way. When the next summer season comes, you’ll have a buff and lean body to show off. Here is a short list of valuable tips to build more muscle.

  1. Choose an appropriate plan and adhere to it. Most people make the mistake of halting their exercise plan after realizing that it doesn’t produce any results in 1 or 2 weeks. You actually need to monitor your progress and understand that your muscle building program wouldn’t normally show any effects until the 4th to 6th week of working out. Jumping ship at the initial stages of your program results to a waste of time and effort because you need to readjust your exercises again. You’ll get too far to the mass developing stage of building your muscles.
  2. Mix dry oats to your muscle building shake. Good if you’re doing well on your calorie intake, otherwise you’ll have to look for more means to gain weight and bump up. One easy way to make your muscle building shake more effective for weight gain is to mix ¼ cup of raw oats to your shake. The consistency of the shake will be altered, but you can grind the oats so that you’ll hardly notice them on your beverage. It will give a thicker taste to your shake. Instead of fruits, oats contain carbs that works better to restore glycogen in your muscles which is very important in building muscle mass.
  3. Take time for rest for muscle recovery. Stay out of the gym for an ample time. Don’t spend all of your time in the gym because doing so will break down your muscle tissues. The culprit for this is too much weight lifting. Take some time out of the gym to allow your muscles to repair. When your muscles have recovered, they build back as stronger muscles. Continually pounding your muscles while weight lifting without allowing time for recuperation will make you grow weaker.
  4. Relieve and manage your stress. You may be so focused on what you’re doing at the gym and the kitchen that you’re constantly 100% on. Be wary that you could be such a perfectionist that it causes you high levels of stress. Consider that stress can work against your muscle building program. Being under too much stress causes the release of certain hormones that can break down your muscle.
  5. Ask for the guidance of a coach or mentor, but be aware of the workings of your own body. If you’re really serious about building your muscles, you can look for a coach or mentor. A coach or a mentor is well-knowledgeable about your endeavor, plus they boost your motivation, too. But while you have a mentor with a physique that you covet. Understand that you can work to have the same muscled body, but remember that you have a different metabolic rate and recovery mechanism. Your nutritional needs and habits are different from your mentor’s. Heed the coaching of your mentor and use their techniques as a guide, but you have to adjust your program according to your own individual needs and the responses of your body.

Good luck on your muscle building endeavor. These 5 valuable tips on how to build more muscle can help you achieve your physique and fitness goals.

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Male Models Workout: Modeling Tips

Male models need not be bulky and buffed up, but most times require a lean and toned physique. This requires a specific set of exercises that target such muscles and sculpts the body the way a Model should have.

What is your goal?

What is your current body physique like, and what is your goal? If your body has too much fat your first priority must be to reduce the fat and build muscle before you work out on toning. If your weight is optimal, then you should be aiming for a muscular and toned body to be among the top male models. Use the macro calculator to find out how much calories you should be consuming, and whether your weight is ideal and healthy for your height category using the BMI calculator.

What weights should you lift?

Crush your ego, and lift the weights that are comfortable for you. Ideally, it should be a weight you can do up to 8 reps comfortably on your fist set. If a lean body is what you are aiming for, on that weight minus 2 reps (So if you do 8reps, do 6reps now) and but do more sets (for example you usually do 3 sets, now do 5 sets) This is because you don’t your aim is not to overstrain your muscle, but rather to gain definition slowly.

However, if you looking to lose weight and gain muscle, choose heavier weights but do lesser reps. For example, if you are comfortable with 8kg add 2kg and do10kg now, but with lesser reps (ideally stick to 3 sets). This will activate the muscle faster and you will have a more efficient work out.

Lift it right or go home.

In the same vein, you may be tempted to lift weights that are heavier than you can handle as you want to improve and see results faster. But that plan may actually backfire quite badly. This is because instead of lifting it properly you may be using the wrong muscle (usually the back) for support, or using your momentum and not isolating the right target muscle. Hence leave your ego out of the gym and put your priority into doing your exercises well before you start adding weights.

Focus more on weight training.

When people need to lose fat they immediately head for the treadmill or start running endlessly but it may not give them the modelesque body they desire. Getting thinner doesn’t mean getting the right model physique. It may also be inefficient to spend so many hours running for little consequential effect.

Did you know? Your body burns most of its energy while resting also known as our basal metabolic rate. Around 60% to 80% of energy is used while you resting mainly by your internal organs. Out of which around 22% is used by muscles (that’s just when you are resting). So the logic becomes simple, the more the muscle you have the more calories you burn while resting. So imagine you and your friend go and sit down to watch a movie, if you have twice the muscle, you would have burned twice more calories than him, and you have done nothing! Do high-intensity weight lifting exercises that will aid you in losing fat and gaining muscles at the same time for faster results.

Eat healthy

“You work hard on that machine for an hour, and that work can be erased with five minutes of eating afterward.” -Kevin hall, mathematician and obesity researcher, source: VOX

No workout is complete without a proper diet and eating. After a workout we always get hungrier, this when we need to mind our calories and eat only the ideal amount. There should be some daily intake of carbohydrates, but the diet should focus on more on protein from meat, soy, nuts or other rich sources, and vitamins derived from vegetables and fruits. Snacks are often overlooked and we tend to eat anything unhealthy because we feel it’s a small quantity that is insignificant, but it can have a tremendous impact on our overall health.


It’s necessary not to overlook the basic matters of health such as enough sleep (7 to 9 hours) and drinking sufficient levels of water (minimum 8 glasses), eating clean and living a balanced and stress managed life.

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Choosing a Muscle Building Diet

It is very important that you pay attention to your diet if you really want to build muscles. Weight training and exercise is not all you need for muscle building. If you are not on the correct diet, you won’t making much progress on your journey at all. It is essential that you know what you should eat and how you should eat it.

In our younger years, our parents told us that growing children need to eat the right food in the right proportions to grow up to be strong. This principle applies even in adulthood. Building muscles is growing muscle so, don’t waste your time, eat to build muscle. There is nothing worse than fat when it comes to muscle building…at least too much fat. We do need some fat in our diets no matter what your goal is.

Choosing A Muscle Building Diet

There are several different kinds of diet plans designed for building muscles. These include low carb, anabolic and protein diets. Most people who wish to build muscles choose to follow the protein diet and maintain that diet religiously to get the desired results. The protein diet is popular because if you wish to build your body, then protein is essential to gain the muscles mass you need. There are several ways you can get your protein. Protein shakes, meat product and so on.

The anabolic diet is the one of the various kinds of diets you could follow. It takes a lot of careful planning and discipline to follow this diet, so it is not very popular. You eat just protein in this kind of diet and nothing else. You have to keep the proportion of carbs you eat to the minimum during the week, and you have to eat as many carbs as you can during the weekend, when carbs are allowed. This diet takes quite a bit of discipline and is somewhat difficult to follow.

One of the other diet plans for muscle building includes the low carb diet. On this diet there are also limits on the amount of carbs you can eat. The low carb diet, like the anabolic diet, is not the favorite diet for body builders. This method tends to increase weakness and fatigue in the muscle builder, and is difficult to stick to. The human body loves carbs and converts them into fuel which the body uses to function. The low carb diet forces the body to use fat instead of carbs for fuel. If you are not careful with this diet, you could also end up losing whatever muscles you have built.

So what am I saying? You have to do your homework! It is really best to get with a professional on this subject, because the diet you choose will depend heavily on the goal you have set. Don’t even start without doing some research, you will only find disappointment. The last thing you want is to work hard in the gym and cover all of your hard earned muscle building by eating too much fat.

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Reg Park’s 1951 Mr. Universe Workout

This is the same workout that Reg Park trained with to win the 1951 Mr. Universe title. He won Mr. Universe again in 1958, becoming the first to win the prestigious event twice. Park, who later went on to replace Steve Reeves as Hercules in the mid sixties, gained 25 pounds of muscle on an already solid frame in 10 months with this program.

Reg trained three days a week on this routine. He ate 3-4 meals per day and had a protein drink that was made up of milk, cream and honey, which he drank six times a day. Proof that you don’t need to buy expensive supplements.

Grab any photo of Reg Park and you’ll see what can be done with hard work and determination. Remember, Park was a pre-steroid bodybuilder, all natural. And to me he looks a lot better and more powerful than the drug induced bodybuilders of today.

The Reg Park Classic 1951 Workout

Squats 5 x 10

Bench Press 5 x 10

Weighted Dips 5 x 12

Barbell Curls 5 x 10

French Presses 5 x 10

Chins 5 x 10

Donkey Raises 5 sets

Abs 5 sets

Notes: There was no rep scheme for his abs and calves, he’d work them until they had enough. Park, like all the old timers, lifted heavy weights and didn’t use many isolation exercises in his routine. If you decide to follow this program and feel wiped out on three days a week, knock it down to two. Park had exceptional genetics and recovery ability that most don’t have.

Understand that to be successful in any weight training program – hard work is a must! Half-hearted effort does nothing for you. If you’re new to weight training or grossly out of shape, consult a physician first and get on a beginners program. End of disclaimer.

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