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Get Fit While Driving Your Car

Spending a lot of time in a car while commuting or on a road trip can have a negative impact on your health and muscle tone. But not if you use these simple exercises. You can arrive at your destination refreshed and toned.

Just be careful and pay attention to your driving and traffic. There are not many health benefits to an auto accident.

Exercises to do while driving

  1. Tummy toner – Sit up straight in the seat in a normal driving position. Breathe in deeply into your lower abdomen. Now instead of exhaling, push the air up to your chest, filling your upper lungs. Now slowly exhale. You will feel your posture improve and get a big rush of energy by doing this exercise. Don’t be surprised if you have to readjust your mirrors due to a higher seating position.
  2. Tummy toner two – the vacuum- Inhale normally, lean forward a bit, exhale normally but right at the end blow out just a little more very quickly. Then sit up before the next inhale. As an alternate try sitting up while making the extra exhale.
  3. Deer exercise. – Most girls are familiar with the benefits of Kegel exercises. Squeeze your pubococcygeus or PC muscles while driving. Do these while driving to arrive toned and energetic. Guys get great benefits form these exercises as well.
  4. Steering wheel isometrics. Grasp the wheel firmly in both hands. Push in like you are trying to crush the wheel. Now lean forward and pull out like your are trying to stretch the wheel. Be sure to do this exercise only on a straight section of road or at very low speed. These exercises will help firm the chest and upper arm muscles.
  5. Steering wheel curls. Grip the wheel with both hands near the base of the wheel. Pull up and toward you. Don’t pull too hard, as it is easy to damage the steering shaft this way. Just pull enough to flex your biceps and shoulders.
  6. Stress reduction – if you are getting tired or stressed, try tapping your head. Use the fingertips of one hand to tap your head just above the hair line while you steer with the other hand. Tap firmly but not painfully. The object is to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp. Tap while saying to your self “I release this stress and I choose to relax and be happy in this moment.” For even more thorough tapping try EFT.
  7. Eye exercise – Nothing gets more stress while driving than your eyes. Blink often to keep them wet. Move them around while driving instead of staring straight ahead. Use a pattern like ahead, mirror, ahead, instruments, ahead, left, ahead, right, ahead, mirror, etc. When rubbing the eyes start by placing your index and middle fingers on the bridge of your nose. With firm and steady pressure move outward along the eyebrow and then down the cheekbone. Follow the cheekbone around to the nose and back up to the bridge. Never reverse the circle, as it will cause the tender skin under the eye to get stretched and look baggy.
  8. Toe Wiggling – while seated and operating foot controls, fluid stagnates in the feet. Wiggling your toes will help pump the fluid out of your feet and back where it belongs. Pay attention to the position of your toes while driving so that you do not keep your toes curled or extended for any length of time.

While taking a break – exercises:

  1. Leg stretch: Stand on one foot and place the heel of the other foot on the bumper of your car. Bend over and touch your toe. Change legs and repeat. This movement helps to relax the calf and thigh muscles that become contracted while operating the foot controls. Lymph stagnates in the legs while driving and this movement helps to get it flowing again. It is best practiced when first stepping out of your car.
  2. Twists: Stand with slightly bent knees. Hands at your sides. Relax. Twist your waist back and forth swinging your arms out fully letting them flail along. This seemingly simple movement has many, many benefits. First it helps to realign your back, especially the vertebrae in the lumbar region. These vertebras get compressed while driving. Second, it gives your internal organs a good massage, helping them do a more efficient job. This internal massage leads to improved circulation and better digestion. And you will need improved digestion to handle all that nasty road trip food.
  3. Calf Stretch: If you are ever prone to heel spurs (plantar fasciitis) or just want to make sure you don’t, do these simple stretches while pumping gas or anywhere where you may have to stand for a couple of minutes. Find a curb – like the one the gas pump sits on – and place your toes on the curb and your heel on the surface below. Rock your weight forward until you feel a slight stretch in the tendon or your calf. Don’t push too hard just feel it stretch and hold for at least 20 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. If your don’t have a curb handy, use your tire. Place your toe on the tire with your heel on the ground. Lean forward to feel the stretch.
  4. Arches: Stand about three feet from the side of your car facing away from it. Reach up with your hands over your head. Arch your back and reach behind you to grab the rain gutter or roof rack. Lean on back trying to touch your head to the window. Hold for at least 30 seconds. This exercise is a great overall stretch. It eliminates most back pain due to driving and is an excellent tummy toner as well. Once you get more advanced, try stretching to the hood or bumper.
  5. Fender push-ups: Stand about three feet away from the fender of your car facing it this time. Keep your legs and back straight and lean over and support your weight on the fender. Now, bend your elbows in a push up motion. This will give you a light shoulder tone up and enhance circulation.
    For move advanced, try using the bumper or door sill.

By practicing these simple exercises you can use the time spent in your car to help improve your body. Just be sure to stop if you feel any pain and to consult a physician if you have any doubt about your ability to perform any of these movements.

So next time you are stuck in a traffic jam, use the time to improve your body. Even if you arrive late you will look good and feel refreshed when you get there.

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A Review Of The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters To Help Increase Testosterone Levels

Using natural testosterone booster supplements with no side effects

Most men who work out want to add on pounds of muscle and take off pounds of fat. Until recently, most people felt you had to do one or the other – so add muscle or drop fat – meaning you couldn’t do both at the same time.

Recent advances in science and nutrition, however, as well as in training methods has meant that this is now possible. Boosting naturally occurring testosterone levels is one way that the body can transform itself through nutrition, exercise and good supplementation.

Outside of the very well publicised but often little known world of steroids, there are a number of natural testosterone boosting compounds and activities that can give you the same benefits – without all of the potential side effects of using steroids.

Why is testosterone important?

There are a number of naturally occurring compounds that have been proven to boost the body’s natural testosterone levels. From the age of 30, the body’s testosterone levels naturally start to decline. Supplementing or building in testosterone boosting activities will help stop it declining and can even boost levels.

There are several proven benefits of having an optimum level of testosterone. These include:

  • Increased muscle mass – helps process more protein
  • Increase fat loss – helps burn fat more efficiently
  • Better recovery time – the body repairs itself much faster with optimum levels of testosterone, and with this comes the ability to work out harder and stronger

Boosting your testosterone levels naturally

Here are a few natural testosterone boosting supplements to help get your testosterone levels (T-Levels) moving the right way. While we have suggested doses, do note that as individual products may vary, you should always read the product nutritional information to ensure you are taking the correct dose.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid which plays a key role in tissue growth and increased libido – which is testosterone. By helping support tissue growth, aspartic acid helps increases in lean muscle mass. It is recommended that users take a dose once per day.

The best D-Aspartic Acid supplements

Here are four recommended D-Aspartic Acid supplements to buy online to help you increase testosterone levels.

Maxiraw TurboTest (120 caps)

Myprotein D-Aspartic Acid (250g)

The Protein Works D-Aspartic Acid (500g)

Bulk Powders D-Aspartic Acid (500g)

Tribulus Terrestris capsules

A plant based herbal supplement that has been used for years to improve male fertility and also T-level production. It comes from a plant grown mainly in Southern Europe and North Africa. The best quality comes from Bulgaria.

Typically, you should take one dose first thing in the morning and then a second dose 6 hours later. On training days take it 30 minutes before training.

There has been a recent update in the law surrounding this supplement as it has been reclassified as a medicine meaning it can no longer be sold as a sports supplement. Existing stocks can be sold but it could become harder to obtain in the future.

The best Tribulus Terrestris supplements

Here are four recommended Tribulus supplements to buy online to help you increase testosterone levels:

Met-Rx Hardcore Tribulus (90 caps)

Bodybuilding Warehouse Tribulus (120 caps)

Reflex Bulgarian Tribulus (90 caps)

Bulk Powders T-Surge (180 caps)

ZMA and zinc supplements for zinc deficiency

The normal western diet is typically lacking in zinc and supplementing zinc is a great way to boost and support your testosterone levels. As testosterone activity is greatest while we sleep, zinc is best taken before bed. Combine zinc with magnesium and vitamin B6 you have a super-testosterone boosting compound called ZMA.

Again, as this is best taken when naturally occurring T-Levels are at their highest, ZMA should be taken before bed.

The best ZMA and zinc supplements

Here are four recommended ZMA supplements to buy online to help you increase testosterone levels:

Bodybuilding Warehouse ZMA (120 caps)

The Protein Works ZMA (180 caps)

Bulk Powders ZMA (270 caps)

Myprotein ZMA (270 caps)

Other ways to help increase testosterone levels when you have low testosterone


There is also a school of thought that has said German Volume Training or Heavy Compound Lifting, such as deadlifts, squats etc, are good for getting your testosterone levels moving as they are full body exercises which helps boost growth hormone.

Estrogen levels

We can’t talk about boosting testosterone levels without talking about estrogen. Estrogen is the female sex hormone which works against testosterone. We all have both hormones, but it is clear that boosting your testosterone levels will be greatly enhanced if you also reduce your estrogen levels at the same time. While this article is not about that, here are few things you can do to help reduce your estrogen levels:

  1. Eat lots of green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage
  2. Drink water from glass bottles if possible to reduce the impact of estrogen in plastic
  3. Wash with a tea tree oil based shampoo and body wash after training to fully remove sweat after training – sweat contains amounts of estrogen
  4. Sweat it out by getting yourself to a sauna a couple of times a week. After sauna-ing, then wash as above

These simple activities will help you reduce your estrogen levels and make your testosterone boosting supplementation regime work that much harder.

Choosing what is right for you

The best way to find out what is right for you is to make sure you measure everything (so body weight, body strength etc) as much as possible. Get your T-levels measured to see if you have an issue or at least to give you a starting point. Then, start on a regime you can monitor and which records the effects.

And at that point it is not just about your T-level:

  • Energy
  • Increases in strength
  • Fat loss
  • Increased muscle mass

All of these above are ways you can use to see if your regime is working. If it isn’t, then make trackable changes and monitor them. While not the sexiest of answers, being able to monitor success or failure is the only way to find out what will work for you. Just make sure you give everything enough time to work before changing things. Sometimes your T-Levels might be so low that it could take months to get them stable.


There are a number of ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally. Hopefully, though, you will see there is not one single way to do this – some people work better with certain supplements over others.

To give yourself the best chance of success with your training goals try and implement a few techniques and supplements – so supplement, nutrition and training in combination will boost your T-Levels more than just taking a supplement.

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Lose Your Double Chin and Face Fat With Two Simple Facial Exercises

Usually individuals find a double chin very undesirable, but unfortunately many of us have them and we intend to get rid of them as quickly as feasible. There are many reasons for double chins, and not all of them are heaviness associated. In fact, science shows us that they can be inherited, but there is still first-rate news. You can strengthen up this wobbly fat quickly with a face workout.

There are some facial exercises to help get rid of double chin. Getting free of this through working out and diet is probably the finest way to do it. You can get rid of it through a mini facelift, but it is pricey and there are a selection of risks to doing it that way.

Here are some facial exercises with the aim of help reduce fat on face. Getting rid of this via work out and diet is probably the best way to do it. You can get rid of it through plastic surgery, but it is expensive and there are certain issues to doing it that way.

-Initial Step to Reduce Facial Fat

Open your mouth wide and stretch it as much as you can. Don’t be bothered about looking unintelligent, just remember that you are exercising. At that time open and close your mouth several times while stretching those chin muscles. Render your activities sincerely exaggerated. Accomplish the work out several times a day and this will help tighten up those chin muscles.

-Next Step on How To Get Rid of Double Chin

Open your mouth and tilt your head backward and attempt to take place into contact with your nose with your underneath bottom. Then add on this assignment with sticking your tongue out. When you constantly stick your tongue out you are strengthening your chin muscles.

The importance of Diet and Exercise

Let’s face it, your double chin may be caused by a weight trouble. To get rid of a weight problem you need to change your diet. Eat nourishing food, stay away from senseless calories, and unhealthy food, which are bad for you and only cause weight addition. As you start to modify your eating lifestyle you will lose fat fast and it will vanish.

Broad-spectrum all encompassing exercise is a basic ingredient to all over well being. Exercise will use more calories, but it will also help you feel happier and better all through your total life. Plus you will lose body fat all over, and get rid of that double chin.

-Make Use of a Combination of Various Techniques

When you use a combination of facial exercises and diet you double up the likelihood of being able to diminish fat on your face. As soon as you strengthen up those cheekbone muscles you will lose cheek fat, however you will see even better results when you mutate your eating patterns and include facial exercise into your plan.

Desire a double chin reduction or else even a double chin elimination? Respect the double chin exercises we’ve told you about on a daily basis, being positive to also include an simple to follow fat burning agenda and you will lose face fat will help you reduce double chin.

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How to Get "Super Strong" For Wrestling!

Wrestling is a sport that requires above average strength levels. In order to be a Champion, you need to keep the strength that you’ve built up in the off-season and keep it through a full season of dual meets, tournaments, and constant “cutting weight.” This isn’t easy to do… unless you know how to do it! The skills that you learn through countless hours of practice make or break you. The strength and conditioning allow you to perform the moves. Learn exactly how to get stronger for wrestling.

With all things equal, the STRONGER wrestler WINS every time!

The following tips will help you develop your wrestling strength and keep it throughout the season!

1. Drink Meal Replacement Shakes Meal replacement shakes were originally developed for cancer patients. They were consumed because they were pre-digested, and “nutrient dense.” They are loaded with vitamins and minerals, high protein blend, and just enough carbohydrates to keep up energy levels. These are perfect for wrestlers who are dropping weight to move down to a lower weight class. They are low in calories, yet have the nutritional values that are so important to maintain or build strength. Try to consume 2 or 3 per day if you’re cutting weight.

2. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF Wrestlers are notorious for cutting weight by not eating, then dehydrating. Let me explain what happens to your body when you decide to do this in order to make weight each week. When you take in too few calories to maintain your body weight, the body goes into a defense mechanism. Sure, the scale will show that you are indeed losing weight. But the body determines that it is being starved, and as a means to protect itself from starving, it will hold onto body fat, and start breaking down muscle tissue for energy. You will wind up losing SOME body fat, plus muscle and water. So you make weight, but you’re not as strong due to less muscle on your body. If you have to make weight, plan ahead, and try to lose body fat, not muscle.

3. Train Your Wrestling Muscles When creating a workout program for wrestling you must first consider the muscles that you use in wrestling in order of importance. These are the glutes, hips and low back (the posterior chain muscles), then the quadriceps, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and neck. I recommend that you perform a full body strength routine, You still want to work the entire body thoroughly, but prioritize the wrestling muscles first.

4. Strength Train Every 4-5 Days During The Wrestling Season Your goal during the season is to at least keep up your strength levels, with the best case scenario being strength gains as the season progresses. In order to accomplish this you want to strength train frequently enough, but not so much that you’re constantly breaking your body down. For the in-season, try to hit a full body workout on a schedule like this: Week 1 – Monday and Friday, Week 2 – Wednesday. Then repeat. This means that one week you perform 2 full body strength workouts, and the next week you perform one full body strength workout. Alternate these weeks throughout the wrestling season.

5. Progressive Resistance Remember to always strive to do at least one more repetition or the same amount of repetitions with a little more weight as often as possible. Your muscles quickly adapt, and you need to force them to become stronger. Strive for a 5% strength gain on each exercise per month. If you’re really cutting a lot of weight this season, you may not be able to gain strength because the body needs a surplus of calories from food in order to feed the muscle. At least, try to maintain your strength by keeping the same weight on each exercise throughout the season.

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The Role of a Boot Camp in Toning Your Body

We all are familiar with the term boot camp. It is a form of outdoor group exercise where you find a good blend of calisthenics and various body weight work outs. The calisthenics include strength exercises like pushups, swats, crunches, weight lifting, etc. These camp exercises are set up with the idea of burning maximum calories and working out till the point your body can take. Here you will know how a fitness camp can benefit in toning your body.

Boot camps push the body to the limits. It challenges the body’s capabilities with strength training and weight exercises. Such a program is usually held for 1 to 2 months and aim at maximum physical discipline. If you join one, you will have to push your limits by waking up at early hours, practicing exercises with little rest or interval in between. A good fitness instructor will help you achieve a well-toned body in those 2 months. All you need is determination and craving for fitness and to work out as much as possible with a view to burn those extra calories. It is fun, and helps to burn fat within a short time frame. The consistent and intense workout schedule will help you reach your fitness goal.

A proper 30 minute workout regime at a boot camp will include a 10 minute warm up, followed by pushups, crunches, squats, hurdles, stretches and other weight lifting exercises. This 30 minute workout will actually burn 500 calories. There are various types of programs like body toning, weight loss camps, and fitness camps, body strengthening camps for aged people and one for kids as well.

A fitness boot camp is a good way to strengthen and tone up your body at an effectively low cost. Whatever your fitness goal, these exercises will help in toning your overall body. It also helps in weight loss and getting in proper shape. Some camps also conduct yoga practices for mental strength. A good fitness program focuses on all areas of the body and tones it up by helping you lose weight and fat. You will not only burn calories and shed fat, you will also go stronger!

Boot camps are extremely portable and can be set up anywhere. With simple equipments, toning your body cannot be easier than this! It includes strength exercises, weight exercises, cardio and muscle toning. In each 30 minutes of work out session, you can tone up your body to a large extent. There are different levels of boot camps such as beginners, advanced and pro. People are allotted in the categories according to their capability and stamina. A fitness trainer will help you out with this. With every workout session, you will gain confidence and strength.

There are some safety tips that one must remember while engaging in a boot camp routine. Proper safety and medical insurance is extremely important. One should also know to what extent one can tone up their bodies. Excessive weight exercises or muscle workouts can result in muscle cramps, body ache leading to many fatal problems.

So just in case you are looking for an effective way for getting in shape by losing those extra pounds, such a camp is a great idea. A good 4-8 weeks of exercises will tone you up a fair bit. Enroll yourself under one and enjoy healthy living!

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Improve Female Ejaculation (Squirting) with Kegels – PC Muscle Exercise For Women

Kegel exercises were originally created to help women strengthen their PC muscles, to help stop urinary incontinence after childbirth, when the PC muscle has been stretched out. The Kegel exercise turns out, has sexual benefits also.

Since female ejaculate originates and emanates from the urethra, the fluid is mixed with a little pee. Men cannot pee and ejaculate at the same time. When a man is about to ejaculate, the opening to the bladder closes, making peeing impossible.

A woman on the other hand, is able to ejaculate and pee at the same time. Frequently that feeling of peeing and oncoming orgasm are confused. Pee before any sexual activity – you want to think about G-gasms and ejaculations, not peeing.

Kegel exercises are a good way to help control the peeing/ejaculating problem. Spend about a month training your muscles. This has the added benefit of greatly increasing the intensity of your orgasms, as the vaginal muscles become very strong with repeated Kegel exercises.

These exercises strengthen a set of muscles known as the pubococcygeus or PC muscles. They are the muscles that both men and women use to stop the flow of urine. They are also the same muscles that contract and expand during orgasm.

Ladies, There are three reasons you should do your Kegel exercises.

First, a strong PC muscle will help you overcome the “have to pee” feeling during the G-gasm Method.

Second, with the PC muscle stretched out, less of the vagina and G-spot area is in direct contact with the penis and therefore receives less stimulation – less fun for you and the man.

Thirdly, a well-toned PC muscle will give you a powerful ejaculation. Keep the PC muscle exercised with Kegels – you will have greater blood flow to this area, and the greater ability to become aroused and feel sexual pleasure.

The great thing about doing Kegel exercises is that no one knows you are doing them, do them while driving, standing in line at the bank, etc. While you can do all sorts of variations, the basic Kegel exercises are:

Contract your PC muscles. Hold initially for a count of five; build up gradually to a count of twenty. Repeat ten times and practice daily. Like with all muscles you are better off building the PC muscle slowly and regularly.

You can also add quick Kegels, contracting and releasing the muscle for ten seconds. Relax for a few moments and then do it again.

Try a “rolling” Kegel with your PC muscle, squeeze only at the entrance to your vagina initially, and then rolling the contraction up the length of your vagina and back down.

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Muscle Building Skinny Guys – This Article Will Change Your Body And Life

Muscle building skinny guys do exist. In abundance mind you. You might be told that appearances do not matter, it is what you are on the inside, but they can say that because they’re not in your shoes. I know because not long ago I was skinny too. I didn’t have confidence in myself, I felt unattractive and I just hated being called skinny, lean or any other adjective, blunt or sugar-coated that described my small size. This article is my way of helping you to do what i did. First let me tell you more about skinny guy syndrome, and then I’ll tell you how you’re going to change that body of yours.

Back to hating being skinny. This is why there are muscle building skinny guys. We want to change the way we look and we want to put on some muscle. We don’t want to look at the scale and see the needle barely move. We want to see much higher figures when we get on that thing. BUT HOW?

How will you succeed as a muscle building skinny guy. Lets face it. Not every skinny guy who tries to put on muscle succeeds. A lot of the time we fail and that is because we just don’t know what to do and in some situations are just too plain lazy to get up and do it. Listen I’m going to be blunt with you. if you are the too lazy to do it type, you might as well click away from this page right now. But if you are the guy who’d do anything to get some muscle on your body, and you just don’t know where to start, I’ve got great news for you.

Here’s some of the advice I’ve bet you’ve heard already.

Eat more.
Sleep more.
Work out harder.

Come on, you already know all that stuff. But what do you eat, and sleep more? how will that work? And work out harder? You’ve already been spending every day in the gym hitting every machine.
NOW, I’m going to break it down for you.

So my muscle building skinny friend. Here’s how you eat. Pay close attention. You need to take in around 20 calories per pound of body weight. This is only an estimate. If this does not work for you, step it up a notch. Extra calories means extra energy that will be used to build muscle. Now these calories must not all be chocolate bars and coke. You need to get some good carbohydrates to make up the majority of these calories. Things like oats, whole-grain foods, and rice are great. Keep in mind that you’re skinny and you don’t have to worry about getting fat. If at any point you do start getting a belly, getting rid of it won’t be too hard.

The second largest portion should be proteins because these are your muscle building blocks. I won’t yap about this because I’m sure you already know all there is to know about protein. Good oils, like Olive oil for instance are also the muscle building skinny guy’s friend because they are precursors to the testosterone your body needs to produce for you to gain muscle. And TESTOSTERONE? That’s the muscle building skinny guy’s number 1 best friend.

Sleep right. There isn’t too much to this, but you grow when you sleep, so make sure you get around 8 hours of sleep a day. The best hours to get that sleep are just before midnight till around 8am because research has shown that at these times your body gets the best quality of sleep. Power naps are great additions too.

Finally, Working out harder? So many muscle building skinny guys fail because they go overboard with this. They overwork their muscles. Try to spend less than 75 minutes in the gym, because after that point your muscle supplies are depleted and you lose more muscle than is good for you. Make those 75 minutes intense though. Don’t go to the gym everyday either. As a muscle building skinny guy you should be doing maximum 3 days a week. and maybe a day of cardio. Yes. you heard me. Cardio. Contrary to what you’ve been told, cardio is actually very useful for muscle building skinny guys because it helps with hormone levels, your appetite and your fitness and endurance.

I hope that all muscle building skinny guys reading this article have a light going off in their heads. Eat right, sleep right, work out smarter, and when you work out push your body to its limits. Take Care my muscle building skinny friends. You’re going to get big so soon, it’s not even funny.

PS: the shock on people’s faces when they see the changes in your body makes buying a very expensive camera worth it.

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Want To Grow Taller? How To Increase Your Height Over The Summer Holidays

One of the busiest times that people want to grow taller quickly is before the summer holidays so that they look taller on their holiday or during the summer so when they come back to education or back to work they are flooded with compliments of “oh have you got taller?”. This is understandable but if you want to reap the rewards then you are going to have to start now and you are going to have to be committed to put a lot of work and effort into this to get all the rewards. In this article discover how you can grow taller for your holiday or for when you return to your social life after summer.

Summer is a time where everyone wants their body to look the best, whether it is training hard at the gym to get their beach body or even working on their height so that they can be noticed. For those of us that are challenged vertically you will know that it is hard getting noticed by the opposite sex if you aren’t too tall and holiday is a great reason to kick start yourself into gear into making a change in yourself to get taller.

So to increase your height the first thing you will need to do is create an action plan. This is something you will follow everyday for a specific amount of time to achieve your SHORT TERM GOALS. You will typically have different actions plans at intervals (every 2/3 weeks) so that your body doesn’t get used to what you are doing (just like when you are working on building muscle).

With increasing your height what you will need to do is create an action plan that consists of exercises and stretches that you can follow every day. Normally a typical action plan will have your stretches in the morning when you wake up (these don’t take too long to do and in fact can be quick) and have your exercise following or later on in the day and then finishing off with stretches before you go back to bed.

All this will be accompanied by a diet plan that you are going to follow at the same time which you need to make sure you follow too. By following a diet plan you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to get bigger and stronger such as calcium for your bones and protein for the recovery of the body.

It will take you a while to create this and it is going to be some effort to get yourself started with it but if you are willing to go forth and put the time and effort into following then you will start to notice a lot of positive results in the mirror, not only will you be healthier but you will also notice that you are in fact getting taller and motivation like this will push you to work harder throughout the summer until you are ready to go back to education or work even more confident than before.

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Six Pack Abs Exercises – How to Get a Killer Six Pack in 14 Days Or Less

Isn’t it frustrating to not be able to wear your favorite shirt anymore because your fat stomach is looming from the seams just like Homer Simpson’s? Have you ever imagined yourself taking off your shirt one Sunday morning in the beach to show the world those Matthew McConaughey washboard abs?

Well, there isn’t any easy way to make these daydreams come into reality. Not with all those misconceptions propagated on the internet about a so-called wonder diet pill or ab belt that can flatten your tummy in a span of a few weeks. Nothing else can shed off those belly fats but your own efforts and determination to expose those chiseled abs hiding from within. Armed with the right information and confidence, you’ll surely get the six pack abs that are rightfully yours.

Six pack exercises should be done at least 3 times a week. If you want to tone your abdominal muscles, a routine of barbell roll-out, Swiss ball knee tuck, Swiss ball Russian twist, reverse crunch and knee raise with a drop performed 30 times each in four sets with 2-minute intervals will surely take you there.

But no matter how hard you train your abdominal muscles, they won’t show up unless you start getting rid of those layers of flab that are making them obscure. Doing ab-specific exercises or any other kind won’t burn your belly fats because the body chooses where fats will come off first. You should consider working out your whole body, not just the abs, to maintain your muscular mass. A good set of muscles will aid your body in burning fat-producing calories.

So throw away those plastic belts and wonder drugs and start working on your six packs the right way.

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Tips on Creative Campaign Ideas

No two minds are alike. Two people, given the same creative brief, will produce vastly different campaigns. This is because ideas don’t materialise from thin air. They come from what has been read, experienced and observed everyday.

In addition, some people are more creative than others, because they exercise creative thinking more often. The creative power of the brain is like a muscle – the more it is flexed, the stronger it becomes and the faster the ideas come.

A lot of the techniques art directors and copywriters use to create ads are techniques borrowed from fiction writing, film and theatre. Books on these subjects make good background reading.

Having a healthy selection of art and industry advertising books in the office is a must. Pick up some copies of D&AD and specialty reads like Alastair Crompton’s Craft of Copyrighting.

Here are some techniques you can use to make your campaign creative stronger, improve brand awareness and the response rate of the campaign.

Keep it simple stupid

KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Express the idea in a small space. On a post-it note, on a napkin. If you can’t express your idea in concrete diagram or sentence, you probably don’t have an idea. At most, you may have several unrelated parts.

What many marketers find difficult to evaluate are ideas in their infancy. Without the idea rendered with finished images, they are not able to visualise how far the idea can go, or how campaignable an idea is. However, evaluating ideas without too much polish, is advantageous.

It allows concepts to surface, and good ideas to shine.

Cover territories – own spaces

The more ideas you can generate, the more areas or territories you can cover. Coming up with a few disparate ideas is no enough. Creatives instead map ideas to spaces or territories. They identify these territories from customer insights, research and plain intuition.

An idea may be good, but is it strategically placed in the right territory? Choosing the right campaign can be a matter of finding the right idea, in the most fertile territory.

Creatives hunt for new territories, or new ways of seeing existing territories. Otherwise their ideas are unoriginal and lack impact.

Make your idea a campaign

Creatives and clients loathe campaign ideas which cannot scale across different media. These require too much exposition, and too often only work in television.

Marketers should go for campaign ideas which can work not only in the richness of television, but also in small-space banner ads. Otherwise, they miss important touch points.

Turn it on its head

During brainstorming session, clients and agencies often complain they ‘get the same ideas’. This may be because the group is afraid to challenge thinking, or the group is suppressing ideas which sound absurd at face value.

Unless the group is prepared to take ‘untrodden’ paths, brainstorming sessions will yield the same results every time. Participants should let go of their fears and criticism, and turn their thinking on its head.

If car manufacturers always advertise their cars with four wheels, try an idea which features the car with no wheels. These are the kinds of ideas challenge consumers and give rise to free press coverage.

By incorporating a ‘what if’ exercise during brainstorming can boost the volume of ideas and the effectiveness of the group. Such that the sum of the parts contributed by the group is larger than any one contribution by one mind.

Straight headline, quirky visual

The basic ingredients of a print campaign is a headline and a visual. Creating an ad which shows a quirky visual, and a quirky headline, normally results in an ad which is too bizarre for an audience to interpret. Likewise, if the headline and visual are both straight, the add feels literal and provides no ‘ahhha’.

To get a right balance, it seems you need equal parts of the literal and the bizarre in the advertisement. It is worth mentioning that not every ad has both a headline or visual. Some are simply a visual, and some are just a headline.

Is the headline the same as the visual?

Junior creatives often make the mistake of creating ads with a headline and visuals which say the same thing. Beside is an example. This creative is not working very hard. Both the headline and visual say the same thing.

Instead, try placing an unrelated headline and visual together on the page. Separately they don’t mean much, but when put together, become a riddle for the audience to solve.

Clever? Or too clever?

The debate over ‘clever’ advertising never ceases. Clever ads the risk of their audience completely missing the point. Conversely, lame ads go unnoticed.

Both statements are correct. Lame ads lack impact. And being too clever isolate everyone but the judging panel at the awards. The medium, brand and creative, all have to be weighted to produce the desired effect.

For example, a piece for EPURON, designed to be a viral video, could be deemed as too clever. The idea works on multiple levels, personifying the wind and requiring the audience to watch it twice. You have to watch it to get it.

If this was a TVC, asking the audience to watch it twice is next to impossible. However, give the fact the creative was destined to be a viral YouTube video (so it can be played more than once), the witty element works in its favour to make it more viral.

Reference topical issues

Ads can leverage context from the public domain which is current. Sports, religion, politics, sex – these are all fertile places to leverage reference. Building an idea around a topical issue can be very powerful, and often sparks controversy.

Humour, gags, punch lines, pay-offs

Humour is the gag, the punch line, the payoff – these are good techniques to keep audiences reading. Realise that most advertising is interruptive. Compensating consumers by making them smile is the very least we can do for having interrupted them.

Ideas which feature gags that are genuinely funny can get a lot of love and mileage. In fact the funniest ones often offend some segment of society.

When deploying humour, make sure it is funny and is connected to the brand. Otherwise, the gag will be remembered, but the brand quickly forgotten.

Shock value

For some industries, like anti-tobacco smoking, featuring real people dying of smoking-related cancer is statistically proven to more impactful than other techniques.The problem with shock campaigns, is they get tired quickly. They lose shock-value. What was shocking today is mundane tomorrow.

This forces advertisers to go in pursuit of the next shocking visual or statistic. It is not easy to sustain these campaigns in the long run.

Puns and visual puns

These were once very popular techniques. There was a time when you could flick through a magazine, and almost every page featured a pun.

The smarter puns are not created as a headline, but expressed as a visual. These are called visual puns.Most creative people agree the use of puns should be avoided.

Puns are risky. At their heart there is often no core idea, and therefore they are a menace to campaign.

Puns are really a last resort.


Juxtaposition is achieved when the two dipolar visuals are put together. Take for example the faces of two opposing football team coaches; or a cheap car and a luxury car. These are two extremes which share a common relationship, but are very different. Together they create a striking visual.Their extreme differences give birth to a new meaning when placed beside each other.

Juxtaposition can useful for challenging a stereotype, and changing opinions.

Metaphors and hyperbole

Metaphors are one of the most common storytelling techniques. It is no surprise advertisers use them so often. Metaphors borrow from a construct the audience understands, to explain another construct they have little knowledge about.

For example, power plugs could be a metaphor for sexuality.

Metaphors can be a hyperbole too. A hyperbole is deliberate exaggeration for emotional effect. The effect is intentional, and the audience is not expected to interpret hyperbole literally.


Irony is a mode of expression that calls attention to discrepancy between two levels of knowledge. The definition of irony, in the simplest form, is the difference between what someone would reasonably expect to happen and what actually does. Meaning that something that happens that you would not even reasonably expect to happen is considered irony.


Alliteration is a series of repeated consonant sounds, occurring at the beginning of words or within words. Alliteration is used to create melody, establish mood, call attention to important words, and point out similarities and contrasts. They appear in headlines, in taglines and campaign titles.

Alliteration makes a phrase sound a little catchier, and more memorable.

Sticky ideas

Sticky is normally what you get when one or a combination of the above, works really well. You end up with an advertisement which is talked and written about. An ad campaign that becomes sticky is viral. Without much intervention or media spend, the audience transmits and shares the idea, often modifying it and making it their own.

This recent TVC by Heineken, combined several techniques covered in this article, and nailed it.

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