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3 "Little-Known" Exercises to Make You As Strong As a Bull on the Wrestling Mat!

If you want to gain a strength advantage over your competition, and don’t have a lot of fancy equipment, don’t worry. Here are 3 tried and true “unique” strength training exercises that can help get you stronger for the mat – FAST!

1. Bottom Squats – Bottom squats are incredible for developing hips and gluteal strength. In layman’s terms, that would be working your rear-end. Ok, have a quick laugh, and then get to work. These are a perfect addition to your wrestling strength training routine. Here’s what you do. With an Olympic barbell, you perform a regular full depth squat. This means you descend until the top of your thighs break parallel with the floor. Instead of standing straight up, you come up only half way. You pause in the half-way up position, descend to below parallel, and repeat. I would throw them in about once or twice a month, to keep the muscles “confused”. This forces the muscles to respond by getting stronger. In fact, you might want to perform a regular barbell squat or machine squat during the first workout. The next workout you might perform a barbell or trap bar deadlift. The third workout might be a bottom squat. Just perform each exercise with 100% intensity (with a spotter at all times) and seek to improve strength over successive workouts.

2. Negative-Only Chinups – This one is fantastic for developing the kind of upper body strength you need for the mat very quickly. Why? Because performing negative repetitions incorporates many more muscle fibers than the positive part of the repetition. In other words, you are 40% stronger lowering a weight than you are raising a weight. To apply this to chinups do the following: Grasp a chinning bar with a close, underhand grip. (Using this grip is much more effective than a wide grip for developing the latissimus dorsi muscle. The “lats” work with the biceps when you are performing a single or double-leg takedown.) By standing on a high bench or chair, hop up so that your chin is over the bar, and hold for 2 seconds. Slowly lower yourself under control until you reach a hanging position where the “lat” muscles are stretched. This lowering should take a good 8-10 seconds. Hop right back up to the starting position and again lower in 8-10 seconds. Repeat until it is impossible to lower with control. You may have to use additional weight around your waist if using body weight only gets too easy. Keep an arch in the middle back area when performing to force the back muscles to work harder than the biceps.

3. Negative-Only Dips – Just as the last exercise works the back and biceps muscles hard, this one works the antagonistic (opposite) muscles to them. This one will get the chest, shoulders, and triceps stronger fast. To perform you lock out the arms and support yourself at the top on a dipping bar. Keep the chin tucked into the chest to force more work from the chest muscles, and less emphasis on the triceps. Lower until the chest is fully stretched. This will take 8-10 seconds. Repeat. When you can’t lower in at least 6 seconds, the set is over. At this point take a much needed breather and get a drink.

Negative only training is very taxing on the body. I would do it for no more than 3 weeks at a time, about 4 times a year, to help push past a sticking point in your training. These 3 exercises can be performed by any wrestler. If a wrestler is young and hasn’t reached physical maturity, perform the squats with bodyweight only. For older, more mature wrestlers, go for broke. If you aren’t huffing and puffing, and can’t wait to get out of the gym, you didn’t work hard enough.

Discover the power of negative only training and watch your performances improve almost overnight.

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Swimming Tips For Frustrated Swimmers – A Simple Method For Effortless Swimming

Are you frustrated with your swimming? Swimming is more than the physical elements such as your fitness, strength and endurance. Effective swimming is about learning how to work with the water and not fight against it. It’s important to reduce your frontal resistance and not just increase your power.

Effective swimming is all about how well you can control your body in the water. The important key is to keep your body ‘long’ and ‘relaxed’ when swimming. This is achieved by implementing a simple but effective concept called ‘Power Words’.

‘Power Words’ are words which you repeat to yourself during an exercise or activity which help you perform that activity faster, more effective or more efficient. The two most powerful words which a swimmer should repeat while they are swimming ‘long’ and ‘relaxed’.

By picturing yourself swimming ‘long’ (long meaning to lengthen your body, arms and legs to make your body as long as possible) you will be focusing on reducing your frontal resistance in the water, which is the quickest way to drop seconds from your times.

By keeping your body ‘relaxed’ (relaxed meaning to swim without strain or any tenseness) you will be allowing your body to work with the water and not against it. Rather than tensing up when you increase your speed, the key to swimming faster is to relax more. This will not usually come naturally, but with practice you can learn to speed up by relaxing more.

In your next workout, imagine yourself swimming long and relaxed and feel the difference of working with the water and not fighting against it.

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Jay Cutler – Professional Bodybuilder

Jay Cutler is a very famous body builder. He was born August 3,1973. He grew up in Massachusetts and lived there for quite some time. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He was the youngest sibling. He received a college degree in Criminal Justice. Now that he is focused on his body building he has moved to Las Vegas to live along with his wife, Kerry.

He has always been involved in sports growing up. He didn’t get into body building until he was 18 years old. He started out just wanting to look better but soon he realized he wanted to compete too. Jay quickly found a love for the sport. He is now an IFBB professional bodybuilder. Jay has won the title of Mr. Olympia 3 times in his career. He keeps his weight at 274 when at a competition, but allows himself to get up to 310 during off times.

If you are interested in training, Jay has several DVD’s on the market and also a book. He does his training at Gold’s Gym in the Las Vegas area. He now has his own website with a newsletter you can sign up to receive. He has hand picked a group of personal trainers that he endorses. You can hire one of them to work with and be taught the same way Jay trains. It is not guaranteed you will look like Jay, but you can get to your best with this training. Jay is still working strong to be the best he can be at this sport.

Jay Cutler has always been involved in sports growing up. He is now an IFBB professional bodybuilder. Jay has won the title of Mr. Olympia 3 times in his career. He keeps his weight at 274 when at a competition, but allows himself to get up to 310 during off times.

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The Importance of Boot Camp Fitness Program

Boot camp fitness programs are scientifically designed workouts to suit a wide range of people who value physical fitness and are serious about remaining physically agile and trim. The fitness programs may vary in style, rigor and intensity to meet individual needs. Boot camp techniques and exercises can burn the extra fat and calories and also initiate you into a different lifestyle.

Losing weight and getting into shape seems nearly impossible for a lot of people and the only way to achieve results is through enforcing discipline and the fitness boot camps just do that. Understanding what needs to be done to make you physically fit and trim is winning half the battle and fitness boot camp trainers know what you need to do.

Boot camp fitness participants are made to perform a wide assortment of strengthening, stretching, and cardiovascular drills, so the entire spectrum of bodily fitness – anaerobic, aerobic, and mobility – is trained with every session.

Not long ago, boot camp fitness programs were terribly excruciating and you almost killed yourself with workouts that largely resembled the rigorous military training imparted to soldiers. Things have changed a lot and in a fitness boot camp, you need no longer train like a soldier to lose weight and get into proper physical shape. But still boot camp fitness programs are challenging and you need a lot of self-discipline.

Boot camp workouts are productive because you work your entire body-nerves, tissues and muscles-through successive exercises one after the other with no respite in between. The workouts involve jumping jacks, crunches, body-weight squats, push-up with rotation, single-leg straddle, step jumps, explosive push-up, running, bicycling and lot more.

In boot camp, the challenge is to test your physical endurance and to take your body to its farthest limits. They are are aimed at:

• Effectively burn out a lot of unwanted calories leading to shedding of excess fat

• Making you work your entire body within in a short span of time and increase your powers of endurance and enhanced muscle strength

• Having each exercise differently so that you are not bored and remain enthusiastic

• Keep you motivated as you will do the workouts in the company of peers

• Easy to perform exercises that you can do anywhere with little equipment

• Boosting your levels of self-confidence and achieving overall body fitness

Some select fitness programs for free fitness assessments to determine the type of workout you will require and also supply participants with nutrition booklet including guidelines & tips to speed up results.

Each person’s program is individualized to make it result-oriented – from the type of food and nutrition and the physical workout program design and behavioral education and changing of lifestyle. Before enrolling in fitness programs, please verify if they are reliable and whether they have qualified nutritionist, therapist, trainers and other health care professionals.

Make sure the trainers at these fitness camps also undertake to build a program for you to pursue even after the session is over so that you sustain the levels of physical fitness you attained at the camp. This is critically important if attending a fitness camp is to guarantee long-term benefits and you get your money’s worth.

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How to Lose Weight Fast: 14 Things You Can Do to Lose Weight Quickly!

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight fast. We know the usual “watch your diet and exercise regularly” routine. But if it is as simple as that, then there wouldn’t be so many fat people in this world!

Amidst all the lies and hype surrounding the weight loss industry, it can be hard to separate the hype and lies from the truth. That’s why in today’s article, I’m going to share with you 14 things you must do to lose weight fast. Following these 14 tips will help you to lose weight safely and stay lean all year-round.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #1: Stop eating only salads

This is a well-known habit especially among female office workers. You order a big salad with nothing but greens. Your colleagues see what you eat and applaud your efforts to lose weight. But before 2pm, you get hungry and start looking for cookies and chocolates to snack. How’s that for one step forward and two steps back in your fat loss attempt? While there’s nothing wrong with having salads for lunch, you should add some good clean protein such as eggs and chicken breasts and also good fats such as avocados or guacamole into your salads as well. Remember this: Every meal should have a protein element. These protein and fat make you feel more satisfied after the meal and will sustain your blood sugar levels for a longer period so you won’t be looking for unhealthy snacks around the office right after lunch.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #2: Replace all the unhealthy snacks at home and in your office

Contrary to popular belief, snacking is actually productive for fat loss. Snacking on healthy snacks in between meals will help maintain a steady blood glucose level and also keep your metabolism elevated. Since people snack on convenience and the general availability of food around them, it is important to keep only healthy snacks such as dark chocolate, nuts, trail mixes, fruits or even beef jerky within easy reach. Throw all the others away. Or give them to a colleague you hate.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #3: Start a simple exercise routine

Every fat loss program needs to have an exercise component. It doesn’t even have to an actual exercise like jogging or swimming. If you have never exercised before in your life, you can even start something as simple as brisk walking every day for 20 minutes and work up the intensity from there. The main objective is staying active and turning up your metabolism. As you get fitter (and you will), crank up the intensity and challenge your body to reach new heights of fitness.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #4: Stop the steady state jogging

If you have been jogging for some time and haven’t seen any significant weight loss results, then it’s time for you to move on to more challenging exercises. Jogging is a good exercise to build your cardiovascular endurance, but not the best for fat loss. To effective burn fat, you need a workout that elevates your heart rate to at least 80% of your maximum heart rate and burns the most number of calories in the shortest period of time. Full body exercises such as burpees, squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses and rows gives you the most bang for your time spent on exercising. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with a 30 second break in between for 3 sets before moving onto the next. Do this for 10 – 15 minutes a day and you will see results beyond what you have experienced from months of jogging.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #5: Don’t avoid carbohydrates completely

When carbs replaced fats as the main contributor of weight gain, many people are avoiding all known types of carbs completely. I personally have a colleague who shuns carbs like the plague. Let me set the record straight. Not all carbs are bad. Our bodies need carbs to function properly. Carbs are our bodies’ main source of energy. In fact, our brain functions primarily on carbs. Depriving your body of carbs can have detrimental effects on your body. Every type food has its time and place to be consumed. As a general rule, you should only consume low glycemic carbs such as brown rice, dark leafy vegetables, multi-grain bread, oatmeal, etc. High glycemic foods such as bananas, juices, white rice, potatoes and other processed foods are best consumed only right after an intense exercise.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #6: Set realistic and measurable goals

A lot of people give up on a training or fat loss program after a week or so because they did not see the results they were expecting. First of all, you have to remember that you didn’t get fat overnight. So you should not expect a miracle weight loss to happen as well. Setting realistic and measurable goals will help keep you motivated and continue towards your ultimate weight loss goal. So what considered as a realistic goal? Losing 0.5-1kg (1-2 lbs) a week is a realistic. Losing half an inch on your waist after two weeks is realistic. Of course, you have to be completely honest with yourself when you are accessing these goals. Ask yourself if you are really following the exercise program religiously? How many times did you cheat on your diet?

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #7: Focus on building muscle

Some people may disagree with me that exercising and muscle-building is important for fat loss. To me, fat loss is all about changing our body composition – reducing the fat mass and increasing fat-free mass (muscles). Increasing fat-free mass will invariably contribute to the lowering of fat mass. For each pound of muscle your body has, you burn an extra 35-50 calories a day. Fat on the other hand burns only 2 calories per pound. So the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate will be. And contrary to popular belief, having more muscles is what will give your body those sexy curves that the opposite sex desires.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #8: Invest in a whey protein or meal replacement supplement

Having 3 meals a day with 3 snacks times in between is not always easy to prepare. That’s why for convenience purposes, it’s recommended that you purchase a good whey protein or meal replacement supplement. Just add water or milk and you have one serving of quality protein.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #9: Make small changes and stick with them for 21 days

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Fat loss involves some behavioral and lifestyle change. Your current lifestyle got you to the state that you are now. Continuing down this path obviously is not the quickest way to lose weight. We all know behavioral change is the hardest thing. This is why we need to make little changes every day that is more acceptable to our bodies. For example, if you currently drink two cans of soda every day, cut down to one can a day. Then next week, cut down to one can every two days. You get the picture. And for any program that you decide to get started, stick with it for 21 days. Statistics have shown that any behavioral change takes 21 to accept and approximately 60 days to form into a habit. So no matter how much you hate a current diet or exercise program, persevere for 21 days. You will be glad you did.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #10: Surround yourself with like-minded people

Some people are very dependent on social support, while others not so much. If you belong to the former group, it is important that you factor this aspect of motivation especially when you are starting out on a fat loss program. During the initial 21 days, it is important to stay motivated and focused on the goals you have set for yourself. You are bound to encounter challenges and struggles as you go through the program. Such as days when your thighs are so sore after doing full body squats or even good news like when you succeed in losing an inch off your waist. If you have friends who are doing the fat loss program with you, great! Share your results and how you feel about the program with them. Talk to fitness professionals; join online communities or Facebook groups to share experiences and gain knowledge. Also, don’t just focus on the fat loss part. Get into the whole health and fitness experience. Buy fitness magazines, visit fitness websites. Look at physiques you desire to achieve and set them as your desktop wallpaper. Do whatever you need to stay motivated.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #11: Train your legs

I’m not just talking about jogging here; I’m referring to doing heavy squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc. If you have ever done squats before, you will know that it is one of the most demanding exercises in the world. You pant and sweat like a dog as if you have sprinted a mile. But it is also one of the best exercises for building overall strength and of course burning calories. Leg exercises such as squats are usually compound exercises and as such burns more calories. Even if you are not doing weighted squats, just doing body weight squats alone can be just as challenging. To be honest, in my first 5 years of training, I never once trained my legs. I always thought the upper body is more important and doing squats could stunt your vertical growth. That is all a fallacy. Ever since I started doing squats, my strength went through the roof and my body fat levels have remained consistently low all year-round. Now I do squats at least once a week otherwise my workout is never complete. If you have never trained your legs before, trust me, start your workouts with squats and you will be amazed by the results you see. And yes, you can thank me later.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #12: Keep a meal diary

Many people don’t realize how many calories they consume every day. You think you are eating less by skipping a meal here and there. But you never consider those sodas, grande Frappuccinos or those cookies distributed by your colleagues that you so casually put in your mouth during the day. If you take down everything (and I mean every single thing including those mentos) that you eat into a meal diary, you will be surprised how many calories you are taking. Yes, I know it’s quite a pain to record down everything. But do yourself a favor and just do it for one day. It will be an absolute eye opener.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #13: Learn to love water

Perhaps the most overlooked causes of weight gain, the liquids you consume can deceptively pack on a ton of calories. Just a can of soda contains close to 150 calories. A grande mocha Frappuccino contains a whopping 420 calories. Drink a soda and a Frappuccino every day and you will gain a pound a week.

Because we can so easily and carelessly gulp down beverages without a second thought, liquid calories are more harmful. Fruit juices are no better. They all contain naturally occurring fruit sugar, fructose, which like all other sugars if consumed in excess will result in weight gain. One of the quickest ways to lose weight is to always choose water over all other beverages. Water has zero calories and is a natural source of hydration for our bodies. By simply replacing all your other sugary laden beverages with water, you will quickly be able to see weight loss results.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #14: Limit alcohol consumption

I know it is almost impossible to completely abstain from alcohol. But if your goal is to find the fastest way to lose weight, then you have to cut down on your happy hours. Alcohol is a toxic substance with absolutely no nutritional benefit whatsoever. What’s more, each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. A few glasses of cocktails with its sugary mixers can easily pile on at least 1000 or more calories a night. You should also know that alcohol is an appetite stimulant. So don’t be surprised if you feel hungry after a night of partying. Of course this leads to additional calories into your body that you don’t need. If you are focusing on building muscle, excessive alcohol lowers your testosterone and increases cortisol levels (stress hormone) thereby reducing your body’s ability to build muscle effectively.

With so many disadvantages to your fat loss goals, do you still need another reason not to drink?

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Penis Exercises on How to Make Your Penis Longer – An Absolute Must Know For All Men to Get Bigger

Masculinity, for all its broad definition, focused on the man’s looks, scent, body, voice, and penis size. The obsession of having a real good eye catching body curves goes with the problem of having to maintain longer and bigger penis when you try to stretch the muscles of your body. How to make your penis longer directly deals with the problem on how to satisfy your woman during intercourse. A longer and larger penis makes you a favorable lover regardless of how knowledgeable and skilled you are in trying out different positions during sexual encounters. Bigger penis could make your woman want you more and not the position. How to make your penis longer matters when it comes to fulfilling your woman’s sexual fantasy. Satisfy her fully. Let her feel your large muscle stretched round to the vaginal entrance. Large penis size heightens a woman’s excitement by giving her a satisfying feel.

Some women may find it a relief if you have an average or just enough penis size because larger and longer penis could hit and hurt the vagina’s back wall. How to make your penis longer requires balance with your height and weight measurements. Do not make the size of your penis more of a curse than a blessing. A thicker penis provides higher sexual satisfaction during penetration because of its capacity to expand and cover more area as well as giving women a tighter feel and more orgasm as it hits the clitoris. Knowing the right approach on how to make your penis longer could make women experienced more orgasm during vaginal intercourse especially when you successfully initiate vaginal sensation from clitoral stimulation. Penetrative sex could be more satisfying if you acquire the right penis size appropriate to your body weight and height.

The average size of a man’s penis is about 5.1 to 5.9 inches with an average circumference of 4.85 inches during full erection. How to make your penis longer could be possible if you look closely at exercises that could enlarge penis naturally. Read more on how to enlarge penis guide and know your average penis size measured at different times. One good technique to increase your penis size is to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. Carrying extra weight and body fat could cover or hide a good portion of your penis. A famous doctor for penis enlargement stated that a man could increase penis length to an inch for every 15 pounds of body weight he loses.

Plan your exercise program, make it a routine, and start to lose your beer belly. How to make your penis longer is actually an idea of how to lose your beer belly, which definitely affects your penis appearing too short. Consider surgery and extenders as the last recourse. Trim up fast and get flatter abs. There are training programs that you may enroll to work out your body fats and increase the size of your penis within a 7-day or thrice a week cycle. Get a professional advice for preferred muscle group exercise on how to make your penis longer. Tone your body and you efficiently increase your penis size. Drive your woman crazy by showing the right body muscles size and shape, which produces larger and longer penis size.

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The Best Chest Exercise

If you only had one exercise that you could do for your chest, what would you choose? Would it be your standard barbell bench press? Or how about incline dumbbell bench presses? Unfortunately both these exercises on their own don’t do a great job working your complete chest. However there is in fact one exercise that has been proven to work your whole chest better than any other exercise out there. It is the best chest exercise and chances are you never heard of it.

Now its time for me to introduce you to the Gironda Neck Press otherwise known as the Guillotine Press. The Gironda Neck Press was created by Legendary Bodybuilder, Vince Gironda and if your looking to add muscle to your upper chest than this exercise is for you.

This exercise is similar to your standard bench press except that your going to bring the bar to your neck. Doing so drastically increases activation of the upper pectorals. In fact recent EMG tests show that this exercise is more effective than incline presses at working your upper pecs. Not to mention this exercise is the most effective at working the pectoralis major which makes up the middle and lower pectorals. Now you can see why this exercise earned the title of Best Chest Exercise.

The only downside with this exercise is that you are not going to be able to go very heavy. In fact with this exercise I recommend keeping the reps at 6 or more. Going any heavier will likely put a lot of stress on your shoulders. There is nothing to worry about because the guillotine press (neck press) with 225 lbs actually recruited more chest than a traditional barbell bench press with 275 lbs.


Perform the exercise on a flat bench with legs crossed and bent at 90 degrees – this keeps the back flat on the bench increasing range of motion

Take a wider than shoulder width hand placement and lower the weight slow and controlled until it makes contact with your collar bone or neck

Push the weight up until your elbows are slightly bent – no need to lockout, doing so takes tension off of the chest

If you want to go heavy than I recommend starting with regular bench press and finishing off with the Gironda Neck Press for 2-3 additional sets of 6-10 reps. This is a great way to get a good Chest Workout.

In conclusion the Gironda Neck Press is a very effective chest exercise that should be a part of every series trainees arsenal. So if you want to build a perfect chest that looks like a suit of armor than DO this exercise.

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The Perfect Push Ups Are Killer ‘Man Boobs’ Exercises

Man boobs or the medical term gynecomastia affects more than thirty percent of the male population worldwide. Suffers of gyno are often times searching for a miracle cure or some form of man boobs exercises that will transform their fatty chests into rock hard pectoral muscles. While it is possible to make this transformation results take time and hard work. A person suffering from gyno may feel as though their condition appeared overnight and will disappear in a nights time also. Unless expensive sometimes painful corrective surgical measures are taken getting rid of man boobs will take hard word and dedication to diet and exercise.

You must also know the correct exercises to perform that will help your progress, while you may think any type of chest exercise would good some exercises may be counter productive to losing man boobs. Take for instance the decline barbell bench press this movement targets the lower chest, but you are trying to lose your chest not increase its size even if it is muscle. To get your man boobs smaller exercises that focus on the upper chest should be your main man boobs exercises. Being able to add mass to the upper chest can gives the nice barrel chest most men a looking for. Men who are in the second phase of there lives should also concentrate more on upper chest. Gravity can cause a sagging man boob and if they stick to upper chest exercises there should not be as much to sag.

Push ups and push up variations are a very good exercise to help get rid of man boobs. Not only are push ups a good chest exercise they are a compound exercise which gives more than just the chest a good workout. They also use a persons bodyweight in the movement which helps in controlling the body’s weight The standard push up should be done lying on the floor with hands at shoulder width, the most common problem in push up form is rounding of the back, so make sure to keep your body perfectly aligned as if you standing up. Performing a push up against a wall can help in perfecting form. More advanced push ups can be added in to a workout after standard push up is mastered. If you are not able to do a standard push try them on your knees at first. Within a few weeks your strength will have increased enough to be able to perform standard push ups.

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How to Make Your Buttocks Bigger: What’s Safe and What Works?

If you have a flat rear, you probably know how hard it is to fill out a pair of jeans or look your best in a swimsuit. Many people with smaller buttocks even find themselves feeling inadequate and unattractive. It can be tempting to turn to pills and other instant-fix programs in an attempt to get a bigger butt. These products and services don’t usually do much, however, and they can be a real waste of money. The good news is that if you’re interested in making your bottom bigger, there are a few options that can help you fill out your figure safely and effectively.

Gain Weight

If you’re naturally very thin, have been dieting for a long time, or have lost weight because of health problems, you might have too little body fat to produce a shapely rear. Gaining a little weight can help you fill out your clothes better, as well as providing cushioning for your joints. If you’re thinking of gaining weight to boost your butt, it’s important to do it right, though.

Choose foods that are high in nutrients such as lean protein, “good” fats, nuts, whole grains and avocado. Avoid force-feeding yourself with burgers and fries; they’re likely to reduce your overall health and cause you to gain more than you would like. If you’re not sure where to start, talk to your doctor or nutritionist about the best ways to gain weight healthily.

Get in Shape

While gaining weight to get a bigger butt is one of the most straightforward options, it won’t work for people who are already at or above a normal weight. Many people in this situation have plenty of body fat; but they don’t like the way it’s distributed. Targeted exercise is one of the best options if you match this description. By practicing calisthenics, lifting weights and engaging in other muscle-building activities, you can improve the size and shape of your butt naturally. You’ll also probably find yourself feeling much healthier.

Choose exercises such as full squats, one-legged deadlifts, and step exercises. These help your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus become stronger, larger and firmer. If you find these exercises too easy, consider performing them under load, with a dumbbell in each hand or a weighted bar across your shoulders to increase the difficulty. You’ll soon see an improvement in your figure. Just make sure to use proper form when lifting any weights to avoid the risk of injury.

Check Your Hormones

If you previously had a fuller figure, the sudden appearance of a flat butt could indicate a significant change in hormone levels. This is especially true if you have a drop in estrogen. Consider seeing a doctor to have a complete blood panel performed. You may be suffering from an underlying condition that reduces the levels of important hormones. In many cases, supplementation with fix the problem and redistribute your body fat back to your hips and rear. It can also help you reduce some mental and emotional problems associated with hormone imbalance.

Dress for Success

The clothes you choose won’t give you a bigger butt, but they can certainly give you the appearance of one. By choosing clothes that hug your rear and emphasize your curves, you bring the focus where you want it. Many modern jeans styles tend to flatten the butt instead of making it look rounder. Consider choosing a different cut or style for a more flattering look. If you have a specific garment you’d like to fit better, consider using shapewear to fill it out. A pair of padded panties or other augmented clothing could give you the look of a rounder butt without a lot of hard work or any health risk.

Work on Posture

Like changing your wardrobe, this technique can give you the look of a better figure without a lot of cost or any significant health risks. Take some time to check your posture out in the mirror. If you tend to slouch, you may be making yourself look heavier and less curvy than you really are. Take some time to learn how to keep your shoulders back and your stomach flat. By engaging these muscles, you push your rear backward, making it look larger and more attractive and de-emphasizing any belly fat. You may find that wearing shoes with even relatively low heels makes this easier.

Is Augmentation the Answer?

Plastic surgery allows some people to get a bigger butt than the one they would have naturally. There are several options for changing the appearance of your buttocks, a procedure known as gluteoplasty in medical circles. These include gluteal implants, also known as buttock prostheses, body contouring, and liposculpture. These procedures are commonly used for people who have suffered from accidents that damage the muscles and fat in this area. They are also used by transgender women who want a more feminine appearance, people who naturally have flatter figures than they would prefer, and formerly-obese people who have lost large amounts of weight and are suffering from sagging skin and deformities of muscle and bone.

Like any surgical procedure, gluteoplasty poses some risks, including infection, complications, death under anesthesia and unattractive scarring. It’s also expensive and is usually considered an elective procedure. Doctors can choose to add a prosthesis to make your buttocks bigger. They can also move fat from an area such as the belly or hips to the buttocks, a process known as fat transfer. Liposculpture by removing fat from some areas can also be used to make your butt look bigger. It’s important to remember that your body can reabsorb added fat and that the results might end up looking less good than you want them to. Plastic surgery can’t work miracles and some patients end up needing additional treatment to get their gluteoplasties to look right.

Strategies to Avoid

In addition to these legitimate ways to make your butt bigger, or at least to get it to look that way, there are a number of things you shouldn’t try. Never let anyone who isn’t a licensed medical professional give you any kind of injection or other augmentation procedure. Quack doctors have injected many different substances into patients, producing allergic reactions and even life-threatening complications. If you’re not sure about something or it seems too inexpensive, there’s a good chance that it’s not a safe way to enhance your buttocks.

It’s also a good idea to avoid supplements and other products that claim that they’ll boost your butt in a short period of time or without conventional treatment. At best, these are harmless waste of money. At worst, they can actually hurt your health. If you can’t verify a product’s claim independently, you’re probably better off buying a pair of padded panties.

You don’t have to feel like you’re stuck with a flat figure. There are many different ways to change your shape, from adjusting your lifestyle to asking for the assistance of a professional plastic surgeon. Just make sure that you know what you can expect and are willing to ask questions about the cost, safety and effectiveness of any bottom-boosting technique you try. There are lots of quack treatments and scams out there that will promise you a larger butt, but it is possible to find the real thing. Just take a little time to check out all your options.

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Stamina Recumbent Bike Reviews

Stamina makes cheap recumbent exercise bikes that are extremely popular. Their appeal lies in an attractive combination of price, construction and feature list. However, when buying a cheap piece of fitness equipment there are going to be some negative points. Here are some ratings on the company’s recumbent models.

The Stamina Magnetic Resistance recumbent bike (15-4600A) retails for around $200 and is the cheapest model. For $200 it does look good value for money, but when you look closer you really do have to ask if this piece of equipment will give you a decent cardiovascular workout. For starters, although there is magnetic resistance, there are only 8 levels and you have to manually change the resistance using a knob. While this may not be a crucial design flaw, the absence of built-in heart rate monitor is. To get the best workout you really do need this feature and the 15-4600A not having it is a major negative point. Finally, the construction does look rather basic and a little flimsy. This machine has a poor rating of 1 out of 5.

For a mere increase of $30, the Stamina Silent Magnetic Resistance bike (15-4800A) is a much better buy. It’s design and construction is better than the 15-4600A. There are 6 preset workout programs and, with this model, you do get hand grip pulse sensors. The resistance still only comes with 8 levels and you have to manually adjust it with a knob, but that’s would you’d expect at this price. For its price, build and features it isn’t that bad and gets a rating of 3 out of 5.

Next up is the EMR Conversion II Recumbent bike/rower (15-9002) that retails for around $600. I like the idea of combining both bike and rowing machine as both provide workouts for different parts of the body and for many, buying and using two separate machines is expensive and impractical. However, the 15-9002 falls short as being a good piece of kit. While it is very easy to convert it lacks any preset programs, the construction quality could be better and the resistance is still only at 8 levels and it requires manual adjustment. Not up to scratch and it only gets a rating of 2 out of 5.

The Stamina Conversion II Recumbent bike/rower (15-9003) is the better option. It retails for around $800. When compared to the 15-9003 the better design and construction is very apparent and the LCD is larger and easier to read. But again, it lacks preset workout programs and there are still only 8 levels of resistance. Out of the two bike/rower machine this is the better one. Is it worth the extra $200? Probably. It gets a rating of 3 out of 5.

The most expensive model is the Elite Total Body Bike(15-9100). It retails for a, not inexpensive, price of $900. I’m disappointed with this machine. While I like the idea of the ‘pedaling’ handle bars the machine lacks many features. It does have hand grip sensors, a console giving you the usual data feedback, etc. But, it lacks many that you’d expect a machine at this price to have. There’s no preset programs, the resistance levels are still only 8 and still require manual adjustment! Compare this to the Tunturi E60R recumbent exercise bike that retails for $1,000. The Tunturi comes with one of the most feature-rich console you can get, 8 motivational, scalable workout profiles and 8 user profiles to suit individual fitness goals, electronically controlled brake that produces a wide effort range and enables the exercise settings to be easily changed whilst training – no manual adjustment, and it comes with a much better warranty. The Tunturi simply out does the Stamina on every salient point. This Stamina bike leaves a lot to be desired and only gets a rating of 1 out of 5.

A Stamina recumbent bike is cheap but it really is only suitable for entry-level or occasional users. Those who already own a bike or are serious about getting a good workout would be better advised to look at other brands.

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