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Top Ten Muscle Building Tips

When training for muscle gain, there are many factors that can affect your progress. Apply my ten tips listed below and you will move forward in your quest to pile on pounds of lean muscle mass.

10. Sleep – This may sound like a strange one to start with, but there are a few reasons why sleep can affect muscle building. If you are not getting enough sleep at night you are seriously affecting the amount of energy that you will have during your workouts, slowing down your results. Also while you are sleeping, your muscles are repairing any damage that will have incurred during your previous workout. This repairing and strengthening of the muscle fibres is how you get bigger. You should be aiming for eight to ten hours of sleep every night.

9. Eat enough good fats – Good fats you say?! Surely I should be avoiding fatty foods?! To an extent you should, but there are different types of fats out there. Firstly there are the bad ones, these are the saturated fats. These fats are found in egg yolks, cheese, butter, meat fat, etc. They lead to an increase in cholesterol in the blood, they should be avoided as much as possible.

Then there are the good fats, the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These contain essential fatty acids, such as omega 3. The body needs these for many important maintenance functions, including keeping joints healthy and promoting growth. The body does not produce these EFA’s naturally, so you need to get them from your food. Excellent sources of these ‘good fats’ include certain nuts, fish and olive oil.

8. Carb up! – When trying to build muscle mass you need huge amounts of energy for training to your optimum level. You body should be getting its required energy from carbohydrates in your diet. Like fats, there are good and bad carbs. It is the complex carbohydrates that you should be consuming. These should come from foods like brown rice, wholemeal pasta and potatoes. Try to avoid simple carbs from ready meals and other such processed foods. Eat a banana ten minutes before a workout, so your body has a source of energy for your workout.

7. Plan and log your workouts – You should have a plan of your weekly workout laid out well in advance of entering the gym. You shouldn’t go into a training session blind, not knowing what body part you are going to train or what exercises you are going to do. If you go and throw a few exercises together at random, with no structure or aim you will never get to where you want to be. Keep a log of your workouts as well, so you know what weight you have lifted a how many repetitions and sets you have performed. The reason for this is next on the list…

6. Proper form and muscle isolation – For every exercise, you should be concentrating on completing the movement with proper form. The exercise should be primarily working the muscle that is being targeted. For example if you are performing a bicep curl the focus should be on using the biceps to lift the weight. You should not be leaning back, using your back muscle or legs to lift a heavier weight. Lift as heavy weight as you can, while still performing the exercise with good form and in a controlled movement. This will also reduce the risk of injury.

5. Progressive resistance – To get bigger you need to continually increase the amount of weight you are lifting (monitor this using a workout log, see number seven on the list!). When you lift a heavy weight, you are putting stress on your muscles, tearing the small fibres within. The muscle fibres will then repair themselves stronger so they can perform the task that damaged them without the damage reoccurring. To build muscle mass you need to be continuously repeating this process, increasing the weight you are lifting, so your muscle fibres are being broken down and repairing stronger and stronger each time. Aim to add 5lbs on the weight each workout.

4. Get your Protein – Your muscles need protein to grow, if you are not getting enough protein you will not grow to your full potential. A good guide line for protein intake is 0.8 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight. Good sources of protein are chicken, turkey, lean beef steak and egg whites. The majority of your protein should be coming from food, but you can increase your protein intake through protein shakes if you desire. I must point out that protein shakes are not a must, I prefer to get my protein from natural food sources. Protein drinks are good if you have a busy lifestyle or for convenience after a workout.

3. Get enough calories – To grow your body needs to consume more calories than it is using up. You should be consuming roughly an extra 500 calories above your maintenance level. For example if you eat 2500 calories and stay at the same weight, you should be consuming 3000 calories to build muscle. If you are not getting bigger this is the first place you should look.

2. Rest – You need to allow each muscle time to recover and repair before you work it again. Training one body part every day is not a good idea. Not resting your muscles enough will lead to over training, and may even start to reverse your muscle growth. Allow enough rest time for each muscle by using split routines, with adequate rest for each muscle.

1. Lift heavy! – Finally just to get the point across, to get big you need to lift big! One piece of advice I would give to you though, is don’t look at what other people around you are lifting. Lift what is big for you personally, and build on that. If you start trying to lift the same as someone else in the gym who is twice your size, or who has bad form, it will lead to you losing the form in your exercises and will reduce your results.

That is a brief run through my top ten list of things you should be doing if you are trying to build muscle mass. I have listed these points from 10 down to 1, but they are all important factors you should be considering and should not necessary be looked at in that order for importance.

I wish you all the success in your training.

Jon Allmark

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Free Exercise Routines – A Basic Workout For Beginners!

So you’re looking for free exercise routines? Well, who isn’t? Especially this time of year. You ever hear the expression “you get what you pay for” – of course you have. That’s an expression that holds true about 80-90% of the time. Of course, that leaves a 10-20% window for when you’ll actually get a great service or product – in this case, an exercise routine – for a non-existent price.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bill, I’m a certified personal trainer and I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over a decade now. I’ve trained countless clients and I can tell you this – as long as they’re committed to the programs I design for them, they always reach their goals.

Now here’s the thing – I don’t know you, we haven’t sat down and done a consultation to go over your goals, so in all honesty – I can’t design a free exercise routine specifically for you without doing so.

However, that being said, what I can do here is provide a very general workout designed for those who are new to resistance training and are looking to tone themselves up and lose some body fat. My gut feeling tells me that this program will be suitable for the majority of you.

If it sounds like you fit the description (beginner looking to tone up and lose body fat), then give this program a shot. If you’re more advanced or have different goals, then just skip through to the bottom of the article.

The Free Exercise Routine

Note: Before starting any new workout program, you should always consult with your physician.

Leg Press: This is a great exercise for your thighs. There will most likely be two versions of this in your gym. One will be upright and the other will be at a 45 degree angle. I personally like the angled version a lot more but try them both and see which one you like. Remember, push with your heels! The most common mistake beginners make – aside from improper foot placement – is that they try to push through their toes.

– Perform 3 sets (progressively increasing the weight each time)

– Perform anywhere between 10-15 repetitions

– Rest 1-2 minutes between sets

Chest Press: This exercise works the chest (obviously), the shoulders and the triceps (back of the arm). Now, this can be done using a chest press machine (the easiest) or if you have some experience with free weights, you could even use the bench press.

– Perform 3 sets (again, progressively increase the resistance)

– Perform between 10-15 repetitions

– Rest 1-2 minutes between sets

Rows: These can be done using a the machine (beginners) and for those who are experienced with free weights, I highly recommend that you use dumbbells (bent over dumbbell rows). The row exercise will work the muscles within your upper back as well as your biceps (front of your upper arm).

– Perform 3 sets (you know the drill, increase the resistance between sets)

– Perform between 10-15 repetitions

– Rest 1-2 minutes between sets

When just starting out or when you’re pressed for time, these 3 exercises can literally deliver a full body workout. Of course, you’ll also want to finish off with some core exercises (stomach region and lower back).

What If I Don’t Know How To Do These Exercises?

To be honest, I don’t even expect you to know how to do them ..yet! Even people who have been training for years oftentimes do them wrong. I could sit here and write out step by step instructions for you but a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth even more!

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Muscle Building – How to Build Muscle the Right Way

If you want to gain muscle fast then you have to do the steps that will be successful to get you the body you want. See, there are some secrets to building muscle and losing fat that you should know that will help you out.

Free weights, not just machines

Fast muscle building to gain can not be attained only using exercise machines. Machines are meant to provide support and prevent injury. To gain maximum muscle mass you have to use free weights, nor do you want to use supplements such as glutamine powder. Research I have done indicates that the best muscle-gaining workout stimulates muscle fibers, which cannot be achieved with machines.

Why free weights work

Your body uses stabilizer and synergist muscles to help build muscle mass, these muscles support the main muscle in doing its work. A good example of this is a bench press or push up. In order to complete the lift, the stabalizer and synergetic muscles assist the main muscle. The major muscle group will never grow if your stabilizer muscles are weak.

Basically, building muscle to gain mass demands working out with free weights since they place a great deal of stress on the supportive muscles. You’ll grow fatigued quicker and won’t be capable of lifting the same amount as you would with weight-lifting machinery, however you’ll put on a greater amount of muscle and also gain strength.

Heavy weights are needed

Additionally, to add mass in order to get effective muscle building you have to work out with heavy weights. Folks really have the wrong idea about heavy weights. I remember way back in high school, and even in the beginning of my corporate career, in my 20s, the way my buddies used to boast about how much they could bench press, and the continuing dispute about building muscle mass.

Combine it with diet

Everyone knows that muscle is much more attractive than fat. So when you lose weight, you want to build more muscle and not just diet to lose fat. But there are other health benefits to natural bodybuilding for health and fitness that should motivate you to hit the gym. Te best way to have fat loss at the same time as muscle gain is to have a good diet. No junk food, but good sources of protein and carbs.

First, building muscle will reduce the percentage of body fat, giving you a more toned better-looking body. Muscle mass is about half the size of fat mass. More health benefits of muscle mass is the amount of calories being burned at a quicker rate. Muscle uses energy where as fat stores energy. Having more muscle means burning more calories maintaining a healthier body weight.

So there you go. When you do these steps, you will see results instead of frustration. With good results comes self esteem as well as a healthy body that everyone admires and comments on.

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The Best Cardio for Fat Loss

The Best Cardio Intervals for Fat Loss: Part 1

Is there really a best interval training system for fat loss?

Do intervals really work as well as regular cardio for fat loss?

I’m going to cover these, and many more questions in Part 1 of your lessons on interval training.

But this is not just interval training 101. Today, you’re going to

leave this email with a graduate degree in interval training for

fat loss.

I’ll answer both questions upfront before the lesson begins, and

I’ll give more details on each as we go along:

1) Conservatively, intervals are at least as effective as regular

aerobic training for fat loss. Personally, I believe intervals are

far superior. And there is no denying that intervals allow you to

get your workouts done a lot faster than slow, boring cardio


2) I have to admit, there is no best interval training program for

fat loss. But that is a good thing, because there are so many waysv that you can change your interval training to keep your fat loss results coming week in and week out.

By changing your training program every three to four weeks, you are using one of the key principles of Turbulence Training – variety. It is essential to change your workouts this frequently, otherwise you might suffer from a dreaded fat loss plateau.

And if that is the case for you now, I’ll show you dozens of

alternative interval training workouts you can use to kick-start

your metabolism and fat loss.

Now what many people don’t know, or perhaps just fail to recognize, is that interval training is not just for advanced fitness superstars. No way. In fact, intervals are an effective and perhaps even the most effective method for beginners to get fit and lose fat.

First you have to understand that interval training is based on

relative performance. While my intervals would be much too hard for a beginner, my intervals would be a joke for Lance Armstrong.

So even for those men and women that are just dipping their toe

into the fitness waters for the first time in months, years, or

dare I say, decades, they too can do interval training.

If you are a beginner and you can walk at 3.3mph for 20 minutes, then your intervals will start at a walk at 3.6mph for 30 seconds to a minute. That is interval training.

It doesn’t have to be high-intensity, sprint-to-the-death activity.

Instead, just increase the intensity slightly more than you can

normally handle, and do so for a short time, and intersperse that

with periods of easier exercise for twice the duration.

So if you did 1 minute at 3.6mph, drop down to 3.0mph for 2

minutes. Do that up to 6 times, and you’ve had yourself an interval session.

Now for those of you that have been doing only slow, traditional

cardio, switching over to interval training 2-3 times per week is

going to be the fat loss equivalent of throwing a lit, gasoline

soaked rag on a pile of dry kindling.

Here’s why…research has given us a lot of evidence that intervals are superior to traditional cardio. First, a study from Laval University in 1994 compared interval training to aerobic training – straight up – over a 12 week training period. Subjects that used interval training had better results. They lost more fat. You can’t argue with that.

And second, interval training causes metabolic turbulence – also

known as boost in your metabolism. Due to the high-intensity nature of intervals, there is more “turbulence” applied to the muscle. That means more muscle breakdown and more adaptations in the muscle.

Now I know that sounds very technical, but all you need to

understand is that when all this extra activity goes on at the

muscle level, it requires a lot more energy to return your muscle back to normal (i.e. to get out of turbulence and back to a normal resting state).

And when your body uses more energy, it means, in laymen’s terms, that you are burning more calories.

So it’s important for men and women not too get hung up on the

calorie counters in the gym. First, because the calorie count of

the workout is not the only factor in determining fat loss

(intervals burn far more calories after the workout – more on that later).

And second, a report on CBS showed that the calorie counters on some machines are often significantly inaccurate.

Doesn’t that boil your blood when you think back to all those times you did slow, boring cardio and patiently watched the calorie counter creep up to your goal of 250, 300, or even 400 calories? And who knows if that was even accurate?

With intervals, you can forget about the calories on the machine.

Just work hard, do the intervals, then leave the gym and let your muscles continue burning calories on its own while it recovers from exercise.

OK, time is up, so I’m going to leave off here for Part 1.

I apologize, you don’t have your Master’s of Science Degree in

Interval Training yet, but you will after Part 2.

So your homework between now and next week’s class is to start incorporating interval training into your fat loss program. For beginners, see the outline above. Make sure to include a 5-minute specific warm-up and cool-down.

And if you truly did just peel yourself off the couch last week and you have not exercised in years, I insist that you see a doctor before you take up any exercise program. Believe me, you’ll thank yourself for it.

For more advanced fitness levels, let’s start with 60 second


Do a 5-minute specific warm-up, then exercise for 60 seconds at a slightly harder than normal cardio pace.

Follow that with 90 seconds of exercise at a very easy pace. (Don’t exercise too hard in the recovery period – that is one of the biggest mistakes people make with interval training!). Repeat this sequence for 3 more intervals (let’s just do 4 intervals for your first session).

Through trial and error, find an intensity that allows you to work to near fatigue – but not complete fatigue, there should still be some “gas” left in the tank – by the end of the 60 second interval.

In the next newsletter, I’ll discuss at least 6 different interval

durations and when you should use them, as well as the best

interval training methods – and don’t miss when I expose the most ineffective machine in the gym.

Hint – It is also the most common machine these days, yet I’ve yet to see a single person change their body by using this machine for their cardio and intervals.

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Six Pack Exercises

Six Pack Exercises; aspiring beach models are always looking for the latest and greatest moves to keep their abs looking incredible. However, instead of searching for the next exercise that will sculpt your stomach, a better question to ask is how to perform the routines that are already being done. Most people who strive to build their abdominals by doing six pack exercises do their routines incorrectly.

The most common, and still the most effective, of the many six pack pack exercises is the crunch. While in no way revolutionary, many search for other ways to build up their abs when the solution stares them in the face. Some people get tired of doing crunches, however, due to lack of results. This failure to achieve goals is usually due to a lack in a consistent workout schedule and/or inability to perform the routine correctly.

When performing a crunch (or any of the six pack exercises that you are already performing), people have a habit of rolling their shoulders. This can easily spotted when an individual has his or her hands behind is head and the elbows are pointing toward the feet. If this is observed, the individual is already in an incorrect position. Instead of rolling the shoulders, aim to keep them flat. To test this, ensure that the elbows are parallel to the ground instead of pointing out.

The second most common mistake made by those during six pack exercises is bending the neck. When this is done, the resistance is taken off of the abdominals, and it can also cause severe neck pain and strain. To correct this, stare straight up at the ceiling instead of moving your gaze as you perform the crunch. This will keep the abs working consistently, and it will prevent your neck from hurting while crunching.

The final mistake that is made during six pack exercises is cheating. When in the middle of a workout, it is common that individuals either go for repetitions (instead of quality) or alter the exercise so that it is easier. Those who cheat are those that are most likely to search for the latest and greatest (and easiest) six pack exercises, because they are unwilling to do the work that is required to build the perfect set of abs.

If one is able to correct the mistakes that are common during six pack exercises, the perfect set of abs can be developed rather quickly. The secret, however, is to keep the correct positioning, to avoid cheating, and to keep a very regular workout pattern. In doing so, one does not need to pursue the newest and hottest six pack exercises, because the best can be done at home.

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Cardio Twister Reviews

Users have also said it’s a great way to workout because it’s actually fun to do, in that instead of simply being a stepper, they Cardio Twister adds an upper body workout by having the handles swivel so that you are doing upper body toning in the key core area at the same time as you are working out your lower body on its stepper mechanism.

Does the Cardio Twister really work?

One of the most important things about any piece of exercise equipment is that it actually works. Cardio Twister does not disappoint, and Cardio Twister reviews show this. The caveat, of course, is that you actually have to use the machine to make it work, and you have to follow other directions as well, such as the diet plan that’s included if you really want to lose weight.

One great thing about this machine and plan is that it includes both the basic workout and advanced workout, so that you can change things out and keep from getting bored. It comes with a CD that shows you what to do.

Any complaints?

Some users have said that once you get relatively fit, there aren’t enough levels of resistance to keep this machine at a challenging level of resistance, although it will still give you a good cardiovascular workout regardless. Even though that’s true, though, this is still a very good piece of equivalent for beginner exercisers. Once you become more fit such that the Cardio Twister isn’t challenging anymore, you may want to add other exercises into your workout program anyway, and keep the Cardio Twister as a great way to maintain cardiovascular fitness and a basic level of overall fitness. That would probably be true of any piece of “all-in-one” exercise equipment, whereby you get a whole body workout.

The consensus

What’s the consensus? Cardio Twister reviews show that people really do like this machine and it’s not that expensive, so when you buy, you are not going to be spending hundreds of dollars on something that may or may not work. It’s relatively sturdy as well, and supports a weight of 250 pounds, comparable to many other pieces of exercise equipment.

There is one complaint about this machine, and that is that many have said it’s difficult to assemble. In addition, the bolts that are included tend to be somewhat loose, so that the machine itself may not be as sturdy as they should be.

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Muscle Building for Fat Guys

It is every man’s natural desire to have a ripped body. For overweight guys, there will be two phases for muscle building. First, you need to cut down the fat. Then only you can start building muscles. This article will guide you through your fat slashing phase as well as your body building phase.

Fat Slashing Phase

In this particular phase, your goal is to lose those excess body fats. Imagine “The Biggest Loser” in your head. How to lose excess body fat? First, you need to reduce simple sugars intake. Simple sugars can be found in cakes and cookies. So you better stay away from the cookie jar. What is the reason behind cutting sugar intake? Well, sugar triggers insulin, which causes cravings for sweet things. You also need to eat foods that are low in carbohydrate. This is due to the fact that carbohydrates trigger insulin, which in turn, can store calories into fat. This is also the main cause of weight gain.

Your diet should now include lots of vegetables such as lettuce, celery, cucumbers, radishes and mushrooms. Perhaps in the first two weeks, you should start by eating carefully proportioned meat, fats and salads. Then, you can slowly add more green vegetables in your diet. You may also try cheese, nuts, seeds, berries and other fruits to vary your diet. Do not forget your whole grains too.

Cardio workouts are also essential. You need to diet as well as workout at the same time. Cardio exercises help to enhance your cardiovascular and respiratory system. Cardio exercises are also proven to be very helpful in losing extra body fat over a long period of time. Perhaps you can start with jogging at the local park, or cycling, if you like. Choose a cardio workout that you enjoy so that you do not abandon it halfway.

Bulking Phase/ Body Building Phase

This phase should not be a problem for overweight guys. Since you are already big, all you need to do is keep your healthy diet. You should be eating three healthy meals as well as three healthy snacks every day. Serious body builders take their diet very seriously. Therefore, you need to be strict with yourself.

In addition to keeping a healthy diet, you need your body building workouts. Do not discard your cardio workouts. They can be the best warming up or cooling down exercises for you. Perhaps you can start your day with a short jog across the park. Then, you can continue with your dumbbell workouts or your body weight workouts (i.e. push-ups, pull-ups and squats). You can join the gym if you can afford to pay the membership fees. Nevertheless, you can always do your own research and find out ways to effectively build your body at home.

Most importantly, do not revert back to your old eating habits (i.e. Pizza Hut, McDonalds, calamari rings, Kentucky Fried Chicken) – it will make you gain weight and start from scratch.

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Cardio Workouts That Burn Belly Fat

It is well known that cardio is an excellent way to burn fat and get trim. Yes some people do hours of cardio every week and seem to get very little results to show for it. The reason is that there are cardio workouts that burn belly fat very effectively and there are others that are not so good.

If you want to make the most of your time and be sure that your workouts are indeed effective in shrinking your belly fat, then you should choose the right workouts and combinations. You may find that you’re saving a whole bunch of time and getting faster results as well.

So, which are the best cardio workouts to burn stomach fat?

Naturally, running is a favorite of many people (including me) and it is certainly a very effective fat burning workout, especially if you include a little up hill running and sprinting.

Another recommended workout is rowing which I love as it’s like killing two birds with one stone: you get to work your lower body and your upper body together at the same time. This leads to a greater calorie burn rate and increase fat melting.

I can also speak about swimming, walking, and cycling, all of which can be used to burn a lot of fat, though less quickly then running and rowing.

However, for those who feel bored by traditional cardio, you can also create your own, super effective workouts that burn belly fat. Often, these will only take a few minutes and can prove to be a valuable addition to any workout.

Here is one example: begin this workout combination with some jumping jacks for 1 minute. Then, proceed with some squats. Do them until you can anymore. Continue with knees-to-chest jumps. End the workout with some pushups. Trust me, by the time you finish this little combo, you’ll be sweating, huffing, puffing, and your heart-rate will have jumped way up. This is the way to burn a lot of fat.

Here’s another combo you can do: jump rope for a minute to get the blood flowing a bit faster. Continue with some lunges. Do mountain climbers quickly for 30-60 seconds, and end the set with some reverse crunches and bridges. You’ve worked various muscle groups together and this combo is so intensive that you’re getting a cardio stimulation as well.

You can pretty much do this with any exercises you want as long as you do them one after the other with little rest. Combine different muscle groups and include jumps in the routine for a little extra cardio stimulation. This is the way to create cardio workouts that burn belly fat.

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Home Gym Workout Tips

Once you know all you need to know about the different aspects of home gym equipment and you’re ready to go and build your home gym empire, it’s time to start thinking about your home gym workout plan. If you’re new to exercise, there are some basic things that you should know prior to beginning your workout plan.

Putting together an effective program isn’t rocket science; however, it does take a little research on your part.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already considered the benefits of creating a home gym space that you can use to do your daily workouts. You’re probably already aware of the time and, in the long run, money a gym can save you. You’re probably pretty excited about the gas you’ll save by not having to drive to the gym, and the flexibility you’ll have to workout whenever you want. Perhaps you’re shy about working out and you’re looking forward to exercising in the privacy of your own home.

These are all great reasons to start a gym at home, and they’re the reasons that home gyms are becoming so popular today.

There’s just one bump in the road that many gym junkies encounter every now and then – motivation!

Once you’ve bought the equipment and brought it home and you’ve started a basic workout, it’s easy for the novelty to wear off, at which point your $1,500 treadmill becomes a $1,500 clothes rack. If you’re concerned that your dedication to fitness will wane if you go the way of the home fitness centre, please read on. I’m here to offer you some basic workout advice and some tips to stay motivated in a home environment!

If you’re a workout novice, there are a few things that you should understand before investing in a home gym and embarking on a workout program. There are three main focuses that should have attention in every workout program…

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility training

If you’re serious about getting fit and reaping all of the benefits of a fit lifestyle, it’s important that you include each of these components into your fitness plan.

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What’s The Difference Between Cardio And Aerobic Exercise?

Do you know the difference between cardio and aerobic exercise? I have had people asking me this question, so I know that are a few people out there who may be confused with these terms.

The Meaning Of Cardio And Aerobic Exercise

In general, cardio exercise refers to any exercise that can help improve the strength our our cardiovascular system. On the other hand, aerobic exercise usually refers to exercise that helps improve our oxygen system. The word aerobic literally means with presence of oxygen.

The Terms Can Be Used Interchangeably

However, both aerobic and cardio exercise satisfy both functions. Meaning, doing a cardio exercise can not only help strengthen the cardiovascular system but also improve our oxygen. And when one performs an aerobic exercise, one can improve their cardiovascular system as well. Hence, these terms can be used interchangeably.

Both cardio and aerobic exercise usually uses our large muscles like the legs and normally in a rhythmic fashion. For instance, walking, running, cycling, stair climbing, jumping, rowing and swimming can all be referred to as aerobic or cardio exercise. 

Improving Your Fitness Level With Cardio And Aerobic Exercise

Normally, people who are ‘fit’, or in other words, people who have a better cardio-respiratory fitness have fewer problems with their heart than people who are less fit.

With that you should improve your cardio or aerobic fitness by challenging yourself instead of doing the very same workout every time. Increase the level of your exercise machines and try to work hard for 2 to 3 minutes straight and then recover slowly for the time.

Do this a couple of times for every of your workout sessions or at least twice a week and you can be sure that your aerobic/cardio fitness will improve significantly.

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